Biotechnology Bill of Rights

By Weston Schwartz

Our Problem

Our problem begins with the rising use of Biotechnology. Biotechnology is Artificial Selection, Cloning, and Genetic Engineering. Artificial Selection is when people decide what genes they want in something (Ex. Pure Bred dog). Cloning is when someone takes a cell from a person or animal and place it into another cell, creating a clone (Ex. Dolly the sheep). Genetic Engineering is adding something to anything (Ex. Glow in the dark cats).


With these new problems we need a resolution. So we have decided to amend the Bill of Rights to help protect us.

Amendment #1


(People) - You must have the person's consent before thinking of experimenting at all. With the Signature comes a list of what they will be used for any other thing is illegal and you will be held accountable.

Animals - A person will be elected every 5 years in animal defense, they must sign a document consisting of what the animal will endure. Only with this signature will you be able to experiment on any animal.

Example (Consent)

Without the animals defense man or the persons consent people could take advantage of people/animals. They could do non-human things to them. They could wipe out entire races of life. Plain and simple without consent it would be an intimate threat.

Amendment #2

Cruel Studies

Cruel and inhumane experiments are out there, and they will be used on humans and animals but we must restrict them. With restricting these inhumane practices we limit them, then we would know any of these practices are illegal. Some of these practices could be, Infecting, disposing, multiple tests, and not giving the animal a chance to fight for survival after.

Example (Cruel Studies)

Cruel studies can become largely popular if not banned. People could start kidnapping people to become "lab rats". Normal people could be forced to be tested upon without people consent leading back to Amendment 1

Amendment #3

No Execution Without a set Resolution

No test or studies will be done on anything until the proper paperwork is signed and says that the lab has extreme caution measures a list of protical if something goes bad and a set healing treatment for the animal or human after the study.

Example (No Execution Without a set Resolution)

Without a set resolution labs could test on people and dump them into the street after. They could be taken advantage of a stereotyped, Mocked and worse. Without this labs would take their studies and dump the animal or human to fend for itself.

Amendment #4


Any person that was used to help people can easily be taken advantage of and made money off. With this law any person that was used would gain 15% of all marketing and money acquired. This would mean the person it was taken from would gain money as the rightfully deserve so. Since it was their body that started it.

Example (Profits)

Take Henry Eta lacks cells. She and her family were not notified at all. Today here cells are throughout most labs. They are studied bought and used. And here entire family was cheated. The have made so much money off of her, and none of it went to here family.