Marie Murphy Chronicles

5 October 2018

Exciting Times at the Murph!

7th Grade Takes Learning and Team Building Outside the Classroom

The 7th grade teachers and students have had an exciting last two weeks! In addition to their normal studies and curricula, the teachers have provided unique opportunities for students to learn and connect with their peers outside the classroom.

On Friday, September 28, the 7th graders experienced the team's annual Kite Day. Working to design and decorate their kites while sharing breakfast together, the kids then took the afternoon and braved drizzly skies to fly their creations. The experience was written up in the Wilmette Life, which you can read about here!

On Monday, October 1st, the 7th graders ventured to the Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago. While there, they visited the Genetics, YOU! exhibit which previews some of the genetic study they will do later this year in science. Additionally, they also experienced the Numbers in Nature exposition which provides "real life" examples of mathematics in our everyday world. Working and learning individually and with peers in a unique setting created a meaningful experience for the 7th grade students.


The Marie Murphy Soccer & Volleyball Viking teams have had excellent, successful starts to their seasons!

In volleyball, the Junior Varsity Vikings ran off seven straight wins to start the season, dropping their first match this past week. Coach Fay Fasoi's team is tied with Glencoe for first place with four matches left to play before the year-end tournament. The Varsity Vikings, under Coach Kelli Lane, have also played well, battling to a .500 record this first month of the season. The Varsity Vikings look to finish strong as they head into the conference tournament.

In soccer, the both JV and Varsity have built off of each other's success. Coaches Chad Henley and Jessica Bodzewski have led the Viking Kickers to a combined record of nine wins, no losses, and two ties. With such talented teams, both squads very much look to be favorites for North Shore Conference title runs!

8th Grade Embraces Science & History To Develop Info Text Skills

Who among us doesn't enjoy time with a good novel, curled up in a comfy spot, by a nice fire, hot beverage close at hand? It's a wonderful way to spend time pleasure reading! However, all reading is not pleasure reading. For many of us, our career choices require a significant amount of informational text reading, and there is nary fireplace or comfy chair to be found.

Traditionally, English classes have embraced literature while doing little to promote informational text reading. But not at Marie Murphy! In a wrap-around approach to develop informational text skills, all 8th grade core classes are dedicating time alloted for informational text reading so that every 8th grade student can participate in six informational text study sessions taking place over three weeks in October.

Focusing on vocabulary comprehension, outlining and summarizing, students are working collaboratively on one five informational text selections. These reading selections include:

  • The Book of Blood: From Legends & Leeches to Vampires & Veins
  • Bomb: The Race to Build—and Steal—the World's Most Dangerous Weapon
  • The Great Fire
  • Outbreak! Plagues That Changed History
  • Invincible Microbe: Tuberculosis and the Never-Ending Search for a Cure

The end result are students who are better able to make meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary, organize a plethora of factual information, and identify the most important information from a passage. Additionally, these are skills that will serve all 8th grade students well as they transition to New Trier and other high schools next year.

And all this is accomplished without the benefit of a comfy chair, roaring fire, or a pumpkin spice latte!

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Smile! Learning is fun!

Marie Murphy 6th Graders Go Full Rocket (Wo)Man in Science!

The week of October 1st found the newest Marie Murphy students embracing their inner Rocket Man, or Rocket Woman, while completing their Straw Rocket Lab during science class. While Elton John sang "...all this science I don't understand, it's just my job five days a week," Marie Murphy's 6th graders had no such troubles!

Mr. Ogden's students had to take into account multiple variables such as plunger height, trajectory angle, fin design, and rocket length, in designing their rocket and determining a firing procedure. The goal? To hit, or get as close as possible, to a target 50 feet away across the Multi-Purpose Room. No one had to burn there fuse up there alone as the students worked collaboratively in small groups. Two launching stations allowed for increased trials, calculations, hypothesis evaluation, and data collection, all critical components of helping students understand the bigger concept of the scientific method.

Learning with projectiles is fun, as the students found out! And I think it's gonna be a long, long time until...these kids forget how much fun they had in completing the Rocket Straw Lab!

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Hang On! Here's The Calendar!

October 5: Orchestra Lock In

October 8: No School

October 10: "Parenting In The Digital Age" Presentation at WJHS

October 12: MM Parent Coffee & Discussion

October 18: 7th Grade to "LIttle Shop of Horrors" at Drury Lane

October 18: BOE Meeting

October 19: Picture Retake Day

October 19: Annual Halloween Dance

October 22-23: 6th & 7th Grade Guys Basketball Tryouts

October 24: 8th Grade Guys Basketball Tryouts

October 24-25: 1/2 Day Attendance/Parent Teacher Conferences

October 26: No School (Institute Day)

October 26: End of First Quarter

October 29-31: Science Olympiad Tryouts

November 1-2: Girls Basketball Tryouts