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Are there gay wedding musicians?

Are there gay wedding musicians?

Just imagine having been invited by a friend to attend a wedding ceremony only to wait for so long before the ‘couple”matches into the sanctuary to be officiated. To your surprise you notice that they are both men so to speak. What would you do? Would you get out and leave the venue? Maybe because of your friend you would have to stay. This is not the last shock to experience, while you are watching in dismay the Mc invites a preacher to pray for the commencement of the ceremony. What words will he use to address the creater? I equally wonder. Well wait until they call the guest singer who is addressed as a gay wedding musician.Does he sing gay songs? I wonder as well.

Unlike the expectation of many,gay weddings are almost conducted the same way as the traditional wedding between a man and a woman. Just as you would find wedding pianist nj, I believe there are also gay singers in these cities to serve this growing marriage trend. I sometimes muse on where the thought came from and why it was entertained in the first place. All the same it is too late the trend cannot be reversed. It is spreading so fast like a wild fire which cannot be quenched. Anyway lets assume that the same songs sung in the church and other normal weddings can still be used during gay weddings. Which songs do we consider good for such a wedding. A gay wedding music would be the best kind of music to perform in such a rare event.

Let's sample some of the common songs sung during weddings. Gay wedding singers sing the same songs to entertain their clients and the invited guests. Wagner's Bridal Chorus is by far the most widely used wedding processional music of western influence more popularly known to many as "Here Comes The Bride". This song is so common that I wonder if gay singers would miss it in their list of songs. It has been sunning in most weddings than any other song or than all other songs combined. The wedding bands and instrumentalists differ from culture to culture. Wagner's Bridal Chorus Have received much support from the many people who request for it to be sung during their wedding ceremony. Gay couples are caught up in the quest for his songs.

Although most couples would love these songs to be sung during their weddings, not all of them will love the idea. Some would love a different song to be played just to break from the traditional songs such in every wedding. Gay weddings have worked hard to see that people break from the past and the tradition of other weddings. They always want to do things from a different perspective. They don’t read from the same script as the traditional weddings. Up until now I have never heard an advert advertising a gay wedding nor a gay wedding singer.But as hinted earlier,it is possible to find a gay singer these days as opposed to recent years.

Arnie Abrams