The Pre-k Classes thank you so much for your support during your child’s transitioning into school. The children are settling into their classrooms, friendships are being built and teacher/ student relationships are growing. The classroom community takes time to develop. We spent the first several weeks demonstrating, prompting and reinforcing positive social interactions and routines. In doing this we have involved the children in making decisions, creating classroom guidelines for how we all work together. By doing this, the children often feel more invested in following classroom guidelines. All of the Pre-K classes are focusing on classroom routines so that the children can develop independence, feel self-confident and secure. We have worked on the following simple skills:

  • Entering the classroom independently (separating from parent at the door) – finding their own cubby – marking attendance chart – attending the next activity.
  • Transitions from one activity to the next (finishing up a book activity and then preparing to get jacket, prepare for outdoor play then get on line.)
  • Sitting on the carpet (legs crossed and hands to your self – establishing personal space.)
  • Raising hand and waiting to be called on (turn taking skill.)
  • Pushing in chairs when leaving tables so that walk ways are clear and accidents are avoided.
  • Listening to peers and teachers when they are talking (making eye contact.)
  • Preparing for breakfast, lunch or snack (setting-up, washing hands, bathroom)
  • Preparing for rest time (how to set- up your mat, get your pillow and lie down quietly – putting mats away.)
  • Establishing indoor voices to promote a happy learning environment.
  • Cleaning up from Choice Time Activities.
  • Dismissal routines

These are just some of the routines and learning behaviors we have worked on with the children. Developing these skills now will enable us to work on the necessary academic skills later.

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The classroom teachers routinely take the children out to the early childhood playground. Appropriate dress for active young children is encouraged – shorts under dresses to help children move and groove with ease, crocks, sandals and flip-flops are cute but do not offer the suport needed for learning feet to climb and balance and focus during movement learning lessons. Please be SNEAKER SMART! We look forward to an exciting year and a chance to get to know both you and your child. Welcome to the P.S. 84 Family!


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Rainy days!

Please remember to send in sneakers with your child on the days they wear boots. We will help them learn to take their boots off and put on their sneakers independently. This is a necessary skill prior to going to Kindergarten. Wearing these types of boots all day is cumbersome for the children. It is difficult for them to get comfortable during story time, keep their balance during large group movement activities and learning how to walk up and down stairs. Thank you for your cooperation!