The Jungle Book

Year 5 presents the amazing Disney Jungle Book Kids

Jungle Book

Disney's Jungle Book Kids

The Jungle Book is coming live to Glenealy school. Year 5 tells the story of Mowgil's adventure in the jungle. Where he is forced to go to a man village to avoid the clutches of Shere Khan the tiger. Will he live?

Come and listen to the jungle's swinging jazz. Sing with Baloo, with his crazy 'Bare Necessities'. laugh at King Louie and the monkeys' song, 'I wana be like you' and enjoy many, many more songs to get you swimming.

Jump into the beat on 30th of may!

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Jungle Book

Thursday, May 30th, 6:30pm

7 Hornsey Rd


Come and join Mowgil on his journey to the man village. Will he get there safely, or not? Find out on May 30 in the Hall


Mogwli: Lauren Lee
Bagheer: Sadie Engel
Baloo: Joaquin Aquin
Shere Khan: Amelia Nager
Kaa & Coils: Sophia Tang, Zoe Yiannakis, Venetia Yau, Isabel Yossefian and Zenia Wong
Shanti/Coconut tree: Jasmine Mortimer
Jungle: Year 5

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