Bob Dylan Impact on Society

Amanda Bouressa

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How he changed society

  1. Bob Dylan impacted society by writing songs about topics that were very controversial such as, civil rights. For example, he wrote the song “The Death of Emmett Till” which was about the murder of a black boy for whistling at a white girl.
  2. His song “Blowin in the Wind” was also a song that had an impact on the civil rights movement. The song was telling how the leader’s of America have failed the country and don’t care about the people.
  3. He had the greatest impact on motivating people to stand up for what they believe in through his music. He was able to take the events and emotions that were faced during the time and turn it into something influential. His music led to thousands of people gaining the courage to cause a revolution.
  4. His music had a great impact on future famous artists such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and more.
  5. He made young people interested in poetry again by using history and making it into music. Also, he invented folk-rock by his devotion to folk and rock.


"He took in all the events and emotions going on, took them in, rewrote them into prose, poetry, set them to music...and with that beautiful, honest form of liberation and song, set free minds, unlocked emotions, changed, revolutionized, influenced music, truth, protest, confusion, politics, rock-n-roll..."


Bob Dylan was not like any other musician, his music had a message that actually caused people to act on the things they believed in. He had a certain view about things and wanted to share that with others. The main reason people revolutionized was because of his songs that led them to stand up for what they believed in. He was a very important and influential person that he played after Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech at the Lincoln Memorial.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Who he is

Martin Luther King Jr. had a great impact on the history of the U.S. He fought for the rights of African American. His “I have a dream speech” was one of the most influential speeches that occurred for civil rights.
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Martin Luther King Jr. was in charge of many civil rights movements. He was greatly involved in the boycott of the city busses in Alabama which was caused because blacks were only allowed to sit in the back while whites were in the front. The rally caused people to pay attention to the issues and take another look at the rules that led to them eventually being changed. He was also responsible for the Civil Rights Acts and Voting Rights Acts which allowed african americans to be treated equally.