The Great Depression

By:Rebecca Diane Raines

The Start of Something Big

On October 24,1929 a terrible event happened. The stock market crashed and started the longest economic slump in history,The Great Depression. The stock market is where people give their money to businesses and then the businesses give them their money back and some more money. When it crashed, Americans lost most of their money that they had put into stocks. The stock market crashed in October 1929 but by the end of 1929 650 banks had crashed too because people were losing trust in banks so they wanted to take all their money out.

Homeless in Hooverville

During The Great Depression 36.9 million people were unemployed. But the problem was if so many people did not have jobs they did not have enough money to pay for a home so they were homeless. So where did over 10,000 people go when they were kicked out of there homes and on to the streets? They went to hoovervilles. Hoovervilles are named after president Herbert Hoover because he was blamed for the great depression. Hooverville are little towns built on the sides of big cities such as St Louis, San Francisco, and New York and when I say city I don't mean big tall buildings I mean little houses made of cardboard and whatever they could find so that is where lots of people lived in the great depression.

The Kids at The Time

During the great depression some kids still worked because child labor was not completely banned until 1938 but most went to school part time. But when the depression hit the kids needed to go home and help their families so most of the schools shut down and the schools that were left had very little amounts of kids attending them. The great depression was very hard for kids because they did not ever get to have a normal childhood and even on their birthdays and christmas they never got new toys or a cake. I think that we are all lucky to be living in this time and not the great depression because they were robbed of their childhood and their education because most of them had to leave school and go work in factories where they would get hurt and be hungry all the time.

Fixing the Problem

The depression was a very bad period and it went on for almost 10 years reaching its peak in 1933. The people thought that it would go on forever but then they got a new president Franklin D Roosevelt he started on March 4 1933 at the height of the depression. Franklin D Roosevelt was born in 1882 at Hyde Park, New York he married Eleanor Roosevelt a distant cousin in 1905 but sadly in 1921 he got polio and lost uses of both his legs but then he got elected president and then he fixed the U.S. When Roosevelt came into office he was determined to fix the great depression so his capan was “A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage” and that about won him the election plus he was a great politician. What Franklin D Roosevelt did to help the poor was create soup lines where the people that went without food could get food so they would not starve. Also he tried to make more jobs for the men and get kids to go back to school so they would get an education so they could have a life and he made plenty of shelters for people to stay in and so even though it took 6 years for the nation to return to normal Franklin Delanor Roosevelt helped do it.

After Math

Even after the great depression happened it forever left its mark on this country. For example one of the longest standing hoovervilles was in St Louis and lasted until 1941. The great depression also affected the people greatly because the kids during the great depression grew up to be more thankful for what they have and will always be scared from this event. After reading this you have learned about how hard the great depression was for people and what it was. You now must always be grateful for what you have because at least you don’t starve and live in a tiny little house made of cardboard and trash. So next time you're about to complain just think would they complain or would they be very happy to have whatever you are complaining about?
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