Immigrants and Ellis Island

Kinley Tate

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The Journey

Many Immigrants sailed to American looking for more opportunities in the America's. Many were dealing with religious persecution and economic hardships. Most immigrants first arrived in the New York Harbor. First and Second Class immigrants were allowed to pass medical inspections while others had to get checked.
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Ellis Island

Ellis Island was a place for Immigrants. Over 12 million Immigrants were processed here. If you were to look up your ancestry, over 40 percent of your past relatives came from Ellis Island. On Ellis Island, they gave medical inspections, if you were to not pass the medical inspections, you had to leave Ellis Island.
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Registry Room

This room is where Immigrants from all over registered to be a part of Ellis Island. Over 10,000 people would file every day. This room is also what taught immigrants about American Bureaucracy and Immigration Laws.
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Angel Island

Angel Island is located in the San Francisco Bay. In 1941, a lot of Chinese immigrants came to Angel Island. This Island has been a cattle ranch and a camp for soldiers in World War One and Two. In 1954, this island became California's national state park.
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Genealogy is a study of your family tree. This is a very interesting study. Genealogy helps people find out where their ancestors are from, and what happened to them.
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Immigrants Arrive

"We were put on a barge, jammed in so tight that I couldn't turn 'round, there were so many of us, you see, and the stench was terrible. And when we got to Ellis Island, they put the gangplank down, and there was a man at the foot, and he was shouting, at the top of his voice, "Put your luggage here, drop your luggage here. Men this way. Women and children this way." Dad looked at us and said, ", we'll meet you back here at this mound of luggage and hope we find it again and see you later."
--Eleanor Kenderdine Lenhart, an English immigrant in 1921, interviewed in 1985
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Medical Inspection

When women experienced metal inspection, they were terrified. Women had never been touched by any other man, other than their husband. Examiners were typically Males. During Medical inspection, doctors were usually looking for a contagious eye infection called trachoma. This disease was inflammation of the inner eye. If you had this eye infection, you were kicked out of the Islands.