Luxury Vacation in Arizona

8 Things You Should Do To Get the Best Vacation Condo for Your Luxury Vacation in Arizona

Phoenix Arizona is one of the most ideal places to vacation in the USA. Over the last couple of years, luxury vacation resorts like Toscana of Desert Ridges have been put up to cope with the growing flow of luxury vacationers in Arizona.

The beauty about staying in a luxury condo during your vacation is that you will enjoy five star hotel treatment but for friendly cost. If you have never stayed in a vacation rental before and you don’t know where to start, the steps below tips will guide you to ensure you get the condo rental you want.

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1. Start searching early

Vacation rentals in Arizona fill up really fast, especially during high travel season. This is

especially so for condo facilities that give a lot of value for every dollar you pay. It is

therefore advisable to book early.

When you reserve your luxury vacation rental in advance:

  • You will avoid the stress of last minute travel arrangements,
  • You will have a wide selection of condos to choose from,
  • You will get a good rate.

2. Make a budget

Before you make any moves, allocate a travel and vacation budget. This will allow you to

focus your research based on what you can afford.

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3. Look at different options

Looking at different options will ensure you get the best deal. Various sources will give you all the information you need to know about accommodation in Arizona. Your travel agent for instance, would be a reliable source of information.

You can also look at websites such as to see

pictures and descriptions of luxury condos, booking price and customer ratings. Most well-done websites will allow you to contact the condo management directly through

contacts given on their websites, thereby saving you the cost of having to use a broker.

If possible, you should plan a trip prior to your vacation to see the different condos for


4. Inquire about contract terms

One you narrow down your list of condos, ask for rental contracts for each one of them.

Read the contracts thoroughly and contact the condo management to inquire about

anything that is uncertain.

Issues of liability are especially important to iron out, as you don’t want to be held accountable for things that are not within your control. If need be, you can get an attorney to advise further about the terms.

The contracts should be clear about who foots costs such as heating and conditioning. If these are costs not factored into the rent, allocate them in your budget.

A contract should also outline extra elements that come with the condo, especially kitchen equipment as you don’t want to ship half your kitchen appliances with you.

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5. Always aim to pay less

You could pay less if you negotiate with the rental management. Usually, vacation rentals will give you daily rates but if you are vacationing for a prolonged period, you can get bulk rates, which are usually lower.

Be sure to ask about any promotional deals available. Sometimes, all you need to do is to extend your vacation by a day or two to take advantage of lower rates.

Another way to pay less is by travelling during low vacation season, when prices are

usually generally lower in most areas.

6. Inquire about deposit procedures

It is likely that you will be asked to make a deposit so to have the condo reserved for you. This is advisable especially in a busy vacation season. Be careful about paying money without doing some due diligence.

Inquire about refund procedures so that in case you are unable to travel due to emergencies or other reasons, you can get your refund without any problems.

7. Choose a place with housekeeping

The last thing you want on a luxury vacation is to do chores. The area has are a lot of things to see and do in Arizona and chores will only come in your way.

You should therefore only stay in a place like Toscana vacation condos where you will get concierge service and staff who will take care of your needs.

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8. Only go for professionally managed condos

The important part about doing research is that you will get facts about what a condo looks like based on what previous occupants say.

If you are renting from an individual owner, you might run into problems such as burst pipes, bad drainage or even mold that could ruin your luxury vacation.

Only book a place represented by reputable real estate property management.

Bottom line: Enjoy your vacation

Finding the right place to stay during your vacation can transform the quality of your

vacation by maximizing the amount of enjoyment you get. If you follow the above guidelines when looking for a vacation condo, you will have a luxurious stay in Arizona

without spending too much money.

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