Naked Nail Syndrome Cured

In 20 minutes or less

No time for polish to dry.

Are you a "No Time to Spare" Business Woman or Suffer from "Hectic Mom Ailment" or just a "Miss Too Much into Everything I am Doing" - Lady of the Year type? Is sitting in a salon just not for you! We have the answer... Yes, Ladies, the cure, in fact, is Non Toxic, Formaldehyde Free, Latex & Lead Free and best of all, is Made right here in the good ole USA.

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At See for yourself... How our product could meet your every desire. How you can be a Fashionista with style and flair having your nails & toes matching... every outfit for a fraction of the price of salons.... Have a fun & exciting Girls Nite Out. Oooos & Ahhhs at every turn... You'll all become the talk of the town... Razzle, Dazzle your friends. They'll love you for it. Hosting a party is half the fun. Learn how to put these babies on... better yet learn how to create your own for that special occasion from your own designs or photos of that special outfit.

Fancy Nails By Eve with Jamberry Nails

Your one stop shop for all your gorgeous nails needs. Let the mundane go.... Allow yourself to look and feel fabulous, confident, vivacious and just down right amazing. Without breaking the household budget... let me show you how...