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The country of Jordan

Jordan was founded in 1946. It is located in the northwest part of the Middle East, and is between Israel and Iran. The climate is mostly arid desert. The Great Rift Valley seperates the east coast from the west coast.

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Phosphate is a mineral salt that is used in fertilizers. It is one of the major exports of the country. It can help crops grow if needed.


Silt are small particles of rich soil. They provide the necessary nutrients that crops need. Many farmers would love to have this soil.

Suez Canal

List two facts about the Suez Canal. The canal was human-made. It is one of the most important waterways. It is also a very good transportation system and trade system.

Egypt's crops

List three of Egypt's main crops. Egypt's main crops are sugar cane, grains, and fruits. These fruits are what help the economy with their food.

Country of Turkey

Give three facts about Turkey. Turkey has hot/dry summers with mild/rainy winters. Most of the people in Turkey are farmers. Turkey also has mountains.