The effect of a hurricane

By Kevin Sanders and Ethan Allen

What is a hurricane?

In order for a hurricane to be created hot water and moist air is required so global warming is a big factor in a hurricane. The warm air will pick up the moister creating a tornado like cloud. The storm could move toward land bringing a lot of water with it. This storm is called a hurricane.

Effects of a hurricane on the environment

A fast uprising of water (known as a storm surge,) cause mass amount of flood damage. The rain fall that comes during a hurricane will cause lots of flood damage. Hurricanes also bring extremely high wind speeds that can easily destroy building. They also create tornado often.

hurricane effect people

Hurricane can easily wash away people just as they can building. Nothing left with no homes no home and no job. It can destroy farms to taking food as building. Emotional affect can be easily understand as well.

Hurricane ike

Rogue Wave! Galveston, TX

hurricane in texas

The Coastal Plains region of Texas is known for hurricanes. It is closest to the ocean in Texas. One major factor for hurricanes is Erosion. The way hurricanes wash away objects is an clear example of erosion.

Galveston, TX

The hurricane happened in 1900.The Galveson TX hurricane was classified as a level 4 hurricane. It killed lots of people.IT also caused3000000$ worth of damage.