Order over equality

How Sitarts came to life

At this point, you should all know the history of our nation from your learning centre hours. In the year 2050, the scientist, we dare not speak of his or her name, created the source of nourishment of which was very nutritious and delicious. Most of the world consumed this nourishment and was liberated. Our Long Livers thankfully decided not to consume this nourishment. They created a world without anger, poverty and most importantly fighting.
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Our banner of honour

The blue represents the merians since they live underwater. The green for the terains because the earth was once green. The swirls represent our beloved Arbians because it is as if they are living in the air.

5 common commandments

1. You may not leave your household after sun down.

2. You must wear clothing according to your group.

3. You must use accurate wording.

4. You must respect people higher than you on the social order.

5. You must attend all events of your group.

Daily Schedule

Sunrise: End of rest period

First ring: Early day meal

Second ring: Conversation of plans

Third ring: Beginning of work/learning centre/volunteering hours

Fourth ring: Halfday meal

Fifth ring: Departure from work/learning centre/volunteering hours

Sixth ring: Late day meal

Seventh ring: Conversation of daily achievements

Sunset: Commencement of rest period


Presentation of the ages:

Every year, during the month of the freezing, there is the presentation of the ages. Every group (Arbians, Terrains and Merians) have a different presentation date. Depending on the group, children receive a different signification of maturity. Turning sixteen is the last age in childhood, therefore it is the last presentation of age for them and it is the commencement of work hours.

Presentation of moving on:

When somebody turns seventy-five years old (other than the Long-livers) they have the opportunity to move on.

Presentation of life achievement:

If somebody does an act of positivity of which benefits the society, that person has a presentation of life achievement.

Months and Days

There are fifty days in every month. There are eight months.

1. Month of the freezing

2. Month of the frost

3. Month of the chilling

4. Month of the mist

5. Month of the rain

6. Month of the heat

7. Month of the warmth

8. Month of the cool

Everyday there are seven ringings expressed through the speakers.


First of the month of freezing is a holiday to celebrate the beginning of the upcoming year. This holiday is called "Initiation". The ninth of the month of chilling is to celebrate the day Sitarts was founded. It is called "Patriotism". "Warmth" celebrates the beginning of heat. It is celebrated on forty-eigth of the month of the heat. "Water" celebrates the start of rain. It is celebrated on the fiftieth of the month of mist.