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"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 4-4-14

Solana Ranch Update - Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!

Alice Prince and I were commenting on the fact that we all use the word "excited" a lot to describe the feeling we have to be a part of Solana Ranch. So, here are some synonyms to use so that we are not overly redundant in expressing our feelings of our new school: aflutter, agog, crazy, fevered, stirred, titillated, thrilled, worked up, thrillful, activated...Do you have others?

  • New Logo - See Awesome Picture Above
  • Plant Foreman and Night Custodian - Congratulations to Victor Becerra and Damon Cascella. These two hard working gentleman will help Solana Ranch be a great place to teach and learn. I can't wait to introduce you to both Victor and Damon. Welcome to the TEAM!
  • Staff Tour - On April 22nd, the day of our Book Club, we'll take a tour of the school and teachers and staff can pick out their rooms! Afterwards, we'll meet at the Pacific Highlands' Ranch Recreation Center (a beautiful building) to discuss ways to offer students leadership in our school.
  • School Tour - To help ease the excitement and to make the Ribbon Cutting and "Open House" go smoothly, we'll be offering grade level tours prior to the May 28th Ribbon Cutting. Please mark your calendars so that you are available to give a school tour to your grade level students: May 6th - Kinder and 1st Grade Tour 3:45-4:15, May 8th - 2nd and 3rd Grade Tour 3:45-4:15, May 21st - 4th - 6th Grade Tour 3:45-4:15
  • School Song - Thank you Debbie Barba, our great music teacher, for organizing a school choir to teach our students the Solana Ranch School Song. Students who come to rehearsals (May 7, May 14, and May 21 - 2:45-3:15 @ SH) will sing the song at the Ribbon Cutting!
  • Way to Go - Jo Jo, Sheila, and Nora - for already beginning to plan for next year. Wow!
  • Thank you Caroline Brown- For starting to order all of our furniture!
  • Thank you Julie Norby - for arranging a visit to a school in Menifee to see an Engineering Curriculum that Solana Ranch may use next year; Project Lead The Way.
  • Way to Go Solana Ranch Team - Your positive energy, enthusiasm, and can-do attitude is already shaping our school culture.
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Education Corner -

An Example of Leadership and Growth Mindset in Lindsay Scacco's Room:

Lindsay, one of our Learning Specialists, shared how discussing leadership by highlighting personal strengths is a GREAT tie-in to ability awareness/differences. "We decided to make a "Leadership" poster that highlights the ongoing and ever-changing strengths of the peers in our room (see picture). The students chose a student who is strong in art to make the poster. It started with the teachers writing a few strengths beside each name, and it has evolved into the students recognizing (and respecting, and ACCEPTING) strengths of each other. Almost daily, I hear a student in a small group say, "Hey! That is (name)'s strength! Let's write it on his/her chart!" How wonderfully this all ties in to Growth Mindset...that our success is not a means to an end, but is an on-going process that affects ourselves and those around us...that our choices, moment-by-moment determine our success, and (most importantly, in my opinion) that we don't have to "know it all" and "be good at it all" to succeed. Another kiddo is really struggling with the concept of growth mindset..he gets very upset when he makes a mistake and/or receives a "poor grade." HOWEVER, the shift to discussing personal strengths has opened his eyes and he is making a lot of progress!!"