Digital Citizenship Flyer

How do you stay safe when you visit websites?

What does it mean to be safe?

Being safe may mean something a little different to everyone but it mostly means being protected from danger. Some important things to remember about your safety is don't go to places you don't know, don't talk to strangers, and follow the rules. If you need to get help don't be afraid. Just like it is important to be safe in real life, it is also very important to be safe online.

Traffic Light Method

The best way to try to stay safe when you visit websites is to use a traffic light method. Green means its a good website for you to visit with fun things for kids your age to do. Book mark these websites so you know you can visit them anytime. Yellow means caution. It would be websites that you are not sure are right for you. They may be asking for personal information like your age or where you live. Red mean STOP. Ask a adult. It is not a website for children your age. You may have gone there by accident and that's ok just let an adult help you.