Discovery Lab K-5 Online

YSD's New 100% Online Option for Elementary Students

The Yakima School District is offering a 100% online learning option for families who wish for their student(s) to remain learning from home for the rest of this school year. The online learning option is through the Edgenuity program. Edgenuity supports elementary students with engaging, age-appropriate learning solutions that foster meaningful learning and application. The program provides standards-aligned intervention and engaging online curriculum to give your students everything they need to build an early foundation for learning.

Students will participate in Edgenuity with a YSD teacher, though it may not be a teacher from their building. Through Edgenuity they will work at their pace and can work faster plus have access to upper grades as they complete tasks and show mastery of standards in their current grade. Their teacher will support them, provide interventions, check-in, and guide them through the learning process through the Edgenuity platform.

If you would like to request a transfer to K-5 Online Edgenuity, please complete the form below and email it to Myrian Baragan at .

When is the transfer deadline?

Families are encouraged to transfer by March 15th. The last date to transfer is March 30th.

At the end of the year, what learning model option does my student have?

Next school year, families will have the option to remain fully online or become a Discovery Lab School student either “in person” or “hybrid”. However, this depends on space at Discovery Lab AND the phase the district is in with fully reopening our schools.

Next fall, if families wish to transfer back to their current neighborhood school that decision will be dependent upon available space at the school. There is no guarantee or promise of “re-enrollment” at your current school. Rest assured there will be space at an elementary school for your child; it might be a different school other than your neighborhood school or Discovery Lab.

How does my student attend class and complete assignments?

Edgenuity students work in a workbook and they upload their assignments for their teacher to review, offer feedback, and grade. Edgenuity is self-paced so students and families can work on their work at any time that meets the needs of the family. This is different than the current remote leaching option where students must be on a Google Meet at a certain time of day.

Will my student have any one-on-one support from their teacher?

Students will participate in Edgenuity with a YSD teacher, though it may not be a teacher from their building. Most teachers have a once a week Google Meet with the student and parents to check progress and answer concerns.

How can I learn more about Edgenuity?

What about grades 6-12?

The Yakima School District has a school called Yakima Online available to students in grades 6-12 interested in a 100% online option. Students must commit to this option for the rest of the year.

If you are interested in this for your student, please contact the principal, Lois Menard, at

What about preschool?

If students are currently enrolled in our ECEAP preschool program and their child wants to remain remote, we do offer a preschool online program for enrolled students. Please contact your classroom teacher for more information. Their student will not be withdrawn from the school or program.

You can call the Early Learning Office at 573-5980 from 8 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday.

Currently ECEAP preschool is full, but we do maintain a waiting list. If you are interested in being on the waiting list please call The Early Learning office.

See our Early Learning FAQ for more information.


Should you have questions about Discovery Lab K-5, please contact principal Anna Marie Dufault (, 573-5401).

Should you have questions about Yakima Online (6-12), please contact principal Lois Menard (, 573-5581 or 573-5580) for Yakima Online (6-12).

You may also contact our Student and Family Center at 573-7176 or 573-7022.