The Legislative Branch

You're about to experience the best branch of your life!

Parts Of The Legislative Branch And The Requirements Of Each:

The House of Representative:
  • 25 years of age
  • U.S citizen for at least seven years
  • Resident of the state that you are representing
The House of The Senate:
  • 30 years of age
  • U.S citizen for at least nine years
  • Resident of the state that you are representing

How The House of Representative And Senate Are Selected:

The House of Representative:

Members of the House of Representatives are selected by the states according to their population in the federal census. Every state is eligible to at least on representative.

The House of The Senate:

For every 159,000 people in a state, a person elected to represent their state.

Which Power Is Most Important To You?

The power that is most important to me is Law Making because in order to get something done we are going to have to make it official, that way everyone can abide from the something and that way things do not get out of order and make a world of chaos.

Two Major Issues That Were Not Listed:

  • Abortion
  • Raising Taxes
What Major Issues Do You Think This Branch Should Have?

Honestly, no, because they all have a lot of jobs to do and that is just going to bring more stress, work and hours on them.

The Limits That Are Placed On The Legislative Branch:

  • One limitation deals with the legal term known as habeas corpus. Habeas corpus literally means “you shall have the body.” This right of habeas corpus allows a person to be seen and heard in a courtroom by a judge.
  • Congress cannot pass ex post facto laws
  • Cannot tax products from a state

The Interactions Between The Legislative Branch and The Other Branches:

The legislative branch comes up with the laws that the executive branch enforces to the judicial branch, in order to make the law official.