My Two Blankets

By Irena Kobald and Freya Blackwood

What the book is about

The book My Two Blankets is about a girl named Cartwheel, then one day the Cartwheel has to move because there is war in her country. Cartwheel and her Auntie get on the train and go to Sydney. Cartwheel says everything is strange. Nobody spoke like she did it made Cartwheel feel lonely. she felt like she wasn't herself anymore. When Cartwheel was at home she wrapped herself in a blanket she made it of her own words and sounds she called it her old blanket. It made her feel safe. When Cartwheel went out to the park she say a girl and she smiled at Cartwheel then she waved. Cartwheel wanted to smile back but she was to scared she walked along with Auntie then when Cartwheel looked back she waved again. The next day Cartwheel went back to the park but the girl wasn't there she looked and looked but she still wasn't there. Cartwheel went back a few more times but she didn't see her but they went back one more time and they saw her. the girl came up to Cartwheel and said something but Cartwheel couldn't understand. Then she took Cartwheel to the swings and she went on and she started pushing Cartwheel she went higher and higher every push. Cartwheel was having a great time. Cartwheel wanted to tell her how much she liked her but Cartwheel didn't know how to say that and that made Cartwheel sad. The next day Cartwheel went to the park and saw the girl and she the girl there and then the girl made her some words with little pictures so Cartwheel said them over and over. Every night Cartwheel would read the words over and over so she knew them of by heart. Then Cartwheel made a blanket out of all the words that she was given and every time she got a new word she would weave it onto the blanket. Cartwheel made her own blanket that was as worm as her old blanket.

What I liked about the book

I really liked the book My Two Blankets because the story was really moving and it was a great read. I would recommend this book from ages 9-13 because younger ages might not understand.
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