Third Grade Newsletter

Week of October 26-30, 2020

Husky Student Of The Week

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives


Reading: TLW be able to ask and answer questions about a text before, during, and after reading.

TLW recognize the central, or main, ideas in a text and identify supporting evidence.

TLW recognize the author's purpose for writing.

TLW identify the setting in a narrative nonfiction text and the influences that change it.

TLW synthesize information from multiple selections.

Writing: TLW be able to express ideas opinions and feelings about special places in a descriptive essay.

TLW be able to identify and use abstract nouns and explain their functions.

Science: TLW demonstrate and observe how position and motion can be changed by pushing and pulling objects such as swings, balls, and wagons.

Social Studies: TLW identify causes of European Exploration. TLW describe the effects of European exploration. TLW identify the contributions of notable individuals. TLW explain ways in which the past connects to the present.

Weekly Assignments

Reading: Author's Purpose KISI Wednesday (Minor) Week 3/Module Assessment Friday (Major)

Writing: Using Abstract Nouns Wednesday (Other) Informational Essay Friday (Major)

Math: Unit 4 CCA-Multiplication Wednesday (Major) Pretest Thursday (Other)

Science: Edusmart Discussion Monday (Other) Reading Science B Quiz Wednesday (Minor) Force/Motion Assessment Friday (Major)

Social Studies: Vocabulary Match Monday (Minor) Lesson 3 Quiz Friday (Minor)