JANUARY 11, 2016

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Jan. 11 8:10 ARD for BW Fedde, Barnett, Bergara, Carroll, Gooch, McQueen

Jan. 13 Future Ready Training

Jan. 15 504 Meeting for KP Witler, Stout

Jan. 16 7:00 Winter Party

Jan. 18 Staff Development Day

Jan. 19 10:45 ARD for KS Dankesreiter, Daugherty, Ivans, C. Jonas, Schulte, Stanley Steigleder, S. Brockett

Jan. 19 2:20 ARD for PW Hendrix, Ivans, K. Jonas, Stover, Wells, Wendt, Steigleder

Jan. 20 PLC College T-shirt and jeans day

Jan. 20 GT Nominations close

Jan. 21 8:10 ARD for MN Puckett, Cahill, S. Brockett, Steigleder, Barnett

Jan. 25 2:20 ARD for YTC Fedde, Ivans, Steigleder, Wright

Jan. 27 3 week reports

Jan. 27 PCA - GT Teacher Inventories Due

Jan. 28 UIL Awards Night 6:30

Feb. 1 6:30 4th Grade Chaperone Meeting for Austin Trip

Feb. 2 Groundhog Day

Feb. 3 PLC - College T-shirt and jeans day

Feb. 4 10:50 ARD for EC Ivans, Dankesreiter, Daugherty, C. Jonas, Schulte, Stanley, Steigleder, Stout, Woods

Feb. 5 Jump Rope for Heart Kickoff

Feb. 12 Valentine Deliveries

Feb. 12 4th Grade Austin Field Trip

Feb. 14 Valentine's Day

Feb. 17 PLC - College T-shirt and jeans day

Feb. 17 3 week reports

Feb. 22 MTA Training

Feb. 26 3rd Grade Field Trip to the Perot Museum

Feb. 29-Mar. 4 Read Across America Week

Mar. 2 PLC - College T-shirt and jeans day

Mar. 7-11 STAR Assessments

Mar. 7-Apr. 6 TELPAS Writing Samples

Mar. 8 6:30 Open House

Mar. 9 Future Ready Cadre Meeting

Mar. 13 Daylight Savings Time Begins


Mar. 21 Grades due for posting by 6:00pm

Mar. 22 Group & Individual Pictures

Mar. 22 Verification sheets due at 3:30

Mar. 23 Reports Go Home

Mar. 25 Bad Weather Day/Good Friday

Mar. 27 Easter Sunday

Mar. 29 5th Grade STAAR Math

Mar. 29 4th Grade STAAR Writing

Mar. 30 5th Grade STAAR Reading

Apr. 1 2nd Grade Field Trip to UNT

Apr. 5 1st Grade Field Trip to Ft. Worth Zoo

Apr. 6 PLC - College T-shirt and jeans

Apr. 12-15 Camp Grady Spruce

Several people asked for the chili recipe from last Monday. Here it is! Enjoy!

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January Birthdays

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School Board appreciation

Tornado Drills

Please remind your students of procedures for tornado drills. We will be having one soon.