Terminal Park Pick-up & Drop-off

Terminal Park Elementary Systems to Keep Every Student Safe


Our systems for drop-off, pick-up and student movement are all designed for a safe delivery of students to school and then back home at the end of the day.

Please follow our rules so students are safe and accounted for as they arrive at school and when they head home at the end of the day.

School Day Schedule

8:30 - Students allowed on campus

8:40 - Teachers meet students at line-up locations

8:45 - School Starts

3:15 - School Dismissal

Please do not bring students to school early. There will be no adult coverage.

Drop-off by Car in the Morning

Students arriving by car are dropped off in the parking lot

  • Drop of students next to the waiting staff member only.
  • A staff member will greet and help the students exit their car and send them on the appropriate route to school.
  • Drop-off starts at 8:30
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End of Day Procedures

Teachers will walk students out and drop them at three locations:

1. Their bus

2 Tiger Pen to wait for a parent to walk up.

3. Valet for parent car pick-up.

Families, please wait either in the Tiger Pen or Valet.

Do not pull a student from their line before they are handed off in either the Tiger Pen or Valet. Make eye contact, or tell the staff member in the Tiger Pen you are there and the student will be released to you.

If you wish to join the Valet system, simply tell your teacher or call the office (email, phone call or text) and we will be ready for you the next day.

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