Thomas Mifflin

By: Jasmine Gump

Mifflin's Early Life

Thomas Mifflin was born on January 10, 1744 in Philadelphia, Pa. Being raised in a Quacker family, by parents John Miffilin and Elizabeth Bagnall. He attended and graduated from the college of Philadelphia In 1760. Shortly after he and his brother, George, established the mercantile business. Following on March 4,1765 he married his cousin, Sarah Morris.

The American Revolution

In the Revolutionary War, Mifflin left the Continental Congress to serve in the Continental Army. He was commissioned as major, then became George Washington's, aide- de- camp. August 14, 1775 Washington appointed him to become the army's first Quartermaster General under order of Congress. His leadership in battle gained him promotions to colonel and then brigadier general.

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Major Life Events

  • In the Pennsylvania legislature (1772-76), Mifflin championed the colonial position against the crown.
  • In 1774 he attended the Continental Congress (1774-76).
  • Late in 1775 he became a colonel.
  • May 1776 a brigadier general.
  • He took part in the Battles of Long Island, NY, Trenton, NJ, and Princeton, NJ.
  • In December 1783 he recieved the postition as president.
  • In 1787 he was chosen to take part in the Constitutional Convention.

Death Of Miffilin

Pressure from his creditors forced him to leave Philadelphia in 1799, a year later he passed away at 56 in Lancaster. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania paid his burial expenses at the local Trinity Lutheran Church.
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