E-books Have Arrived!

Check out the Porter Digital Library!

How to check out an E-Book

1. Select the link OverDrive and download OverDrive on your computer or device.
2. Click the link E-Books.
3. Enter your school ID number.
4. Browse the E-Books.
5. Check out or place a hold on the E-Book.
6. Download the E-Book and enjoy!

Top 5 Reasons to read an E-Book

1. Take your book on a trip without worrying about losing it!
2. Don't worry about returning the book. It will check itself in!
3. Listen to the book while it reads to you!
4. Check out books all summer!
5. Rate the book for your friends to see!

Please ask your librarian for assistance with checking out E-Books. I am always available for help!