Earth Day

Owen C.

History of Earth Day

Thanks to Gaylord Nelson we have Earth Day! To him nobody had cared about saving the Earth so he decided something had to be done to save the environment. First he tried to speak to President Kennedy about his issues. Though the president failed to help Gaylord's interest, that did not stop Gaylord from trying to save the environment. Gaylord had finally persuaded the politicians to do something about this problem, so they had created the international holiday called "Earth Day".

Some advice on how to participate on Earth Day and to save the world is by recycling. Recycling is probably the most important and efficient way to save the Earth, and because of it, our planet is no covered by waste and our non-renewable resources are not used up. You could also do these things:

  • Take public transportation.
  • Use less paper.
  • Conserve energy.
  • Use less energy.
  • Use less electricity and resources.

Save the Earth!!!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 12pm

440 South York Road

Hatboro, PA

Come joins and help us save the Earth!!!

Earth day Schedule

  • Opening ceremony. 12:00-12:30
  • Educational video on history of Earth Day. 12:30-1:00
  • Lunch. 1:00-1:30
  • Town cleanup. 1:30-2:30
  • Class for different way how to save the Earth. 2:30-3:30
  • Closing speech and ceremony. 3:30-4:30