Writing Lab

Sept. 30 - Oct. 13, 2022

Sub Notes

Thank you for subbing! Today is Day 7 of Rotation and the classes you will pick up are listed on a ring hanging by the door. All supplies for today are on the right of the interactive TV on a brown cabinet. They are in baskets with the grade level listed. Jennifer Hamm (art teacher) is the best person to ask if you have any questions. Discuss the poem of the week (Acrostic Poems) with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grades. Just read the definition and poems listed on this lesson. If the older kids finish early, they may write a shape poem located on the cart in my room. I have a folder on my desk that says DAY 7. It is in a black metal file holder on my desk at the top. Please refer to this for seating information. Also, behind the seating chart is a paper for each class which shows who I picked for the couches. They earn sitting on the couches by good behavior. You may pick 4 at end of each class and write their names down on the paper for next week .Scroll down to see the lesson plans for each class. You may want to sharpen pencils during the conference time. Some pencils are by the sink and some are in each table's supply baskets. Also, since this is Day 7, check and make sure you have enough supplies, copies, and paper for the classes today. If you need more of the long construction paper, it is located in the cabinet closest to the door.
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3rd Grade- Fall 5 senses. After watching a fall read aloud, students will write about the season of Fall using their 5 senses.

First, let the kids watch the Pete the Cat video. Discuss what Pete saw, heard, tasted, felt, and smelled in the fall. Next, the kids will create a fall scene on 1/2 of a large manilla paper. The paper is located by all the other materials. They need to draw a tree and they will tear (not cut) pieces of construction paper and glue to their paper to make it look like leaves. Make sure they write their name and class code on their paper. We will write about fall 5 senses next week. They just need to finish their picture today. Set them on my desk.

Pete the Cat Falling for Autumn

2nd Grade- Descriptive Haunted House. Students will watch a read aloud about a haunted house and then use their 5 senses to describe a haunted house.

First, let the kids watch the Haunted House read aloud below. Next, they will draw their own haunted house on 1/2 of a large piece of manilla paper. Tell them to be as detailed as possible and write their name and class code on it. You can use the data projector to show them the examples I have in the 2nd Grade basket. There is also a haunted house poster on the dry erase board. You just need to unfold it for them to see. We will do our writing next week so they just need to complete their haunted house and ghouls today. Please place on my desk.
In The Haunted House

1st Grade- Students will watch a read aloud about fall and then write about fall using their 5 senses.

First, scroll down and let the class get their wiggles out by dancing to Monster Moves and Monster Mash. Next, let the class watch the Fall read aloud below. When it is over, ask them what things we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch in fall. Hand them each a yellow book located in the 1st Grade basket. On the front cover, they will write FALL at the top and their name and class code at the bottom. Please make sure their books are not flipped backwards. They then need to color a fall picture on the front. I have a book in the basket they can see for an example. If they finish in time, they can start writing what they see, hear, smell, taste, and feel in the fall. They just need to complete the sentence and draw a picture to match their sentence. I have some fall vocabulary sheets they can use to help them with spelling located near the supplies. Please gather at the end of class and place on my desk.
How Do You Know It's Fall Book Read Aloud | Fall Books for Kids | Children's Books Read Aloud


Koo Koo Kanga Roo - Monster Moves (Dance-A-Long)
Just Dance 2 Monster Mash

Kindergarten- After watching a video about colors, students will practice their colors with a monster color booklet.

First, kinder needs to get their wiggles out by dancing to the two monster dance videos above. Next, scroll down and let them watch a sing along about the different colors. Then, have them sit in their seats and hand them a monster color booklet located in the kinder supply tray. Most do not know how to read yet so show them in each sentence where the color word is located. I have a color chart on my easel. They can walk up and try and find which color to color the monster on each page. You may just have to tell some of them what color to use. Let them take these books back to class with them.
The Color Song: A Funny Song for Kids and Teens

4th Grade- Students will watch a video about similes and then construct a monster and describe it.

First, let 4th Grade watch the BrainPop video about similes below. Next, in the 4th Grade supply basket, there are 3 different sheets of paper with parts of a monster. The kids need to choose 1 sheet and color and cut out their creative monster. They will glue their monster to 1/2 of a large piece of black construction paper. Make sure they write their name and class code on their construction paper. They will write about their monster next week. Please place on my desk.
Similes BrainPOP Jr