The Revolution of Apple

A long but AWESOME adventure through technology in the 70's.

Who are the people behind this famous industry???

Two main simple college drop-outs who just wanted to make life easier for people by technology.

  • Steve Jobs
  • Steve Wozniak

The company all started back in the ol' 70's.

In 1976, Apple came out with the 1st Apple 1 computer. It was big, bulky, and not so great compared to now.

The following year in April 1977, the new and improved Apple 2 came out. It was able to hold graphics, color, and images (icons) so people didn't have to write it all in code. Another reason why the Apple 2 was so amazing was because it was LOW PRICED.

The newest and improved Apple Products are...

  • Apple 6
  • Apple 6+
  • Apple 6s

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