How-to-Video Screencast

Project and Rubric

Create a how-to-video tutorial to share information you learned in class in (at least) a 4 minute video.

What will your how-to be about? Will is be a step-by-step process using Google Search, Google Keep, Google Drive, Google Sites, Google Cultural Institute, Symbaloo Webmix, etc.......

What process will the viewer be able to learn/perform from viewing your video?

Use the Google Extension Screencastify to record your screen and voice. Show and share what you know.

Screencastify Extension
PowToon Slide Show


20 pts. - Add screencastify Google Chrome extension to your Google account

20 pts. - Create a step-by-step how-to-video tutorial sharing a computer application concept learned in class using screencastify

20 pts. - How-to-video gives accurate information

20 pts. - How-to-video is at least 4 minutes in length

20 pts. - Link turned in using Edmodo assignment post