RangeXTD Review - How Good Is This?

All You Need To Know About RangeXTD WiFi Booster

With the Covid 19 pandemic getting into the scene, virtual working has become the "new normal," and the utmost necessity during this time is none other than calling for the strongest WiFi signal. However, there are certain places even within our homes where the WiFi signal is not up to the mark. Whether it is your call for an immediate client meet (the most common WFH scene), or you have been trying to stream your favorite show on your device, a strong WiFi signal is what you actually need! With the RangeXTD WiFi booster, you will be able to solve this issue at ease!

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RangeXTD Overview:

RangeXTD is certainly a way more different form of technology than the ones that you usually get to see in the market. It is a device that is going to meet all your requirements in just a go! It is just apt for your requirements and you shall be paying only for something that you need. There's no sense going for something that you do not need, isn't it? Keeping certain pointers in mind, the RangeXTD is going to give you exactly the ones you would have to work with! Going through, the pros:

  1. It comes with three versatile modes, so you can choose the one you need based on your requirement or preference.
  2. Its amazing expandability is something that it is known for!
  3. It is absolutely portable which means that you can carry it along with yourself anyway you want! It is a compact device which helps you to put it in your bag, and take it on the go!
  4. It assures you with the fast and secure data transfer without any trouble. Say no to data interruption from now on!
  5. It is extremely easy to setup, which means that you can install the gadget very quickly, all by yourself and you will not require to be a tech freak to get it done!

Just as every other technology, the RangeXTD also comes with a couple of cons, though the downsides are quite lesser in comparison to the pros. However, I am going to list them down right here for you easy perusal. Let's begin:

  1. The RangeXTD has got a single band which is something that will probably bother you. So, better be informed about it.
  2. It comes with 2 antennas. So, in case you have been expecting for three antennas, this isn't the one!
  3. A few of the reviews reveal that it could have been a bit faster. Thus, it depends if you are going to be okay with the speed.

Not everything is going to suit everyone, right? While something would be meeting all my expectations, they won't probably meet yours! Consequently, there would be some of the gadgets that might not meet mine, but they would be fine for you! However, RangeXTD is an excellent "value for money" product who are fine with its offerings. So, if you are thinking of purchasing it, make sure that you go through its list of specifications and be aware of the pros, so that you do not have to regret about it post purchase.

Note: If you are one of them who is planning to get a 2.4G internet service plan, you may choose this deal for it isn't going to offer you a 5G either! Also, if you are absolutely satisfied with the coverage that the 2 antennas would provide, go for this, and you won't be having any complaint. Talking about the data transfer speeds, are you seeking for a 300 Mbps data transfer speed, this RangeXTD is going to fit your needs. In a nutshell, this is a standard deal for all the buyers who aren't looking for much extra other than all that it actually offers!

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Why do you need a WiFi booster?

Several areas in our home weak or non-existent signals, thereby causing it a hardship for all of us to disable the stream, or attend a meet, whichever may be the issue! Although there could be a plenty of reasons, here's a few major ones:

1. Slow network for a greater number of users connecting to a single network

In case two or more users have been online at the same time, the network may become slow. It usually gets slow if all the users are engaged in uploading or downloading videos or songs that do need a good amount of bandwidth. The only solution to this kind of trouble is to make sure that your house has got more access points and not just a single router, for the former will help you create different networks for everyone to operate smoothly.

2. Walls or floors causing barriers

A lot of walls or floors in between may create an obstacle for your device, be it your mobile phone or your PC with that of the router which will become difficult for the WiFi signal to penetrate. It may not be a problem for a user residing right beside the room where the router is installed, but the problem may be prevalent in case the other users are working in far-away rooms or may be different floors. A weak signal would in turn, cause an interruption in the work flow. How to solve this issue? Well, the best way to strengthen the signal is to give it a boost by plugging in a WiFi repeater.

3. In case the router is installed at a far-away place

The distance of you or your streaming device from that of the router is yet another reason for slow functionality. The thick walls create a trouble for the WiFi signal to penetrate, and thus, it becomes difficult for you to continue working. Make sure that you decide your workplace prior to the installation of your router so that you can keep it somewhere around. In case you are working upstairs and you have had installed your router at the basement, this can be a really big problem while you start working. You will have no other option but to come down just as to fetch the signal strength. Definitely, the floors in between you and your router is going to get a count, so make sure you decide it accordingly!

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Features of RangeXTD WiFi Booster:

Although we have already shared about the basic functionalities of the RangeXTD above, here's a list of all the features and benefits of the RangeXTD in depth. Certainly, you have planned getting this product just to improve the weak WiFi signals at your home, but alongside, this gadget comes with a lot of other extras that you would probably not mind having in the pack. Let's get through them:

1. 3 connection modes

RangeXTD allows your provision so that you can connect more computers or smartphones in case you need. Talking about the different modes, and all that they offer, let's start with the very first one of the varieties, which is the Router Mode. It offers you all the merits that an original router would usually provide such as the option to block specific websites in case you feel a threat to your office's system or have a fear of a security breach of any confidential data, or may be, you do not want the kids of your home to get through anything as such while studying on the internet. It also allows you to manage your network remotely and use parental controls or the Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to screen your ISP address. To work in this Router Mode, you simply need to plug a unit into the modem and you can start connecting your devices to it as your wireless router.

The second one is the Access point which helps you connect to more than one device at a time with the internet, as well as, makes sure that the bandwidth is not diluted by any chance. If multiple family members are connected to the network, the multiple units around the home will automatically help the users' devices to switch between the networks while at the same time, keeping a network that the connection is no way dropped.

With the Repeater mode, your device will be able to catch the signal from the main router and thus, amplify it. This is particularly important if you are situated far away from the router (the one with the strong signal), so that you do not face any trouble working even if you are sitting somewhere distant to the room.

2. Data transfer at a pretty decent speed:

RangeXTD allows you to transfer data up to 300 Mbps, which is quite apt for users opting for a 2.4G data plan. It is usually the one that would meet the household requirements and is simultaneously affordable for most people. In general, this bandwidth is enough to cover the internet usage of normal houses.

3. Design and portability:

RangeXTD comes with a minimalistic design which is attractive at the same time. Also, it weighs just around 5 ounces and thus, you may choose to carry it along with yourself in case you are travelling, and you are unsure of the network scenario at your destination place. It has a dimension of 4 × 4 × 3 inches, which means that it will fit perfectly in your handbag or suitcase.

4. It provides overheating protection:

RangeXTD comes with built-in ventilation that restricts overheating. Overheating can be a serious threat to any device, which may end up being so severe that it can either destroy the gadget as a whole, or may call for a replacement, thereby adding up to your cost. RangeXTD makes sure that you are able to secure this risk much before burning a hole in your pocket.

5. RangeXTD is secure:

This device is going to offer you a secure WPS connection to your WPS enabled modem. It is the right wireless router, and also comes with LAN ports which means you get a provision to connect your PC to an Ethernet cable. Since you have the option to carry it along with you, RangeXTD offers you the scope to secure your connection even while you are using the public WiFi, perhaps in a hotel room. Be sure that your confidential business or personal information will no longer be at stake.

6. It comes with 2 3D antennas:

RangeXTD comes with 2 3D built-in antennas which allows you to increase the coverage area, so as to help you avail better WiFi signals. Thus, you will have no issue streaming any 3D project online as your device will be able to do it at ease without any need for buffering.

7. It comes with a physical power switch:

Most people prefer to go for a unit that comes with a physical power switch that will help them get rid of a hell lot of steps just to go through the settings of their PCs or laptops and disconnecting the wires and power cords. A power slider switch is easier and way more convenient in this regard.

8. Expandability:

Definitely, RangeXTD does not pose any limitation to the number of devices (laptops, phones and tablets) to be connected with the unit. You may even choose to connect your TV or other internet enabled devices if you want! Also, you may install more than one unit in or around your home to avail a connection at the dead zones.

9. Strength indicators:

If you are a noob, and you have no prior idea about the wifi signal strength at your home, just have a look at the indicators on the RangeXTD and it will clearly notify you if your signal is strong, normal or weak with 3 different indicators, helping you to understand things in just a single notice.

10. Easy installation:

At times, installing a WiFi booster becomes a sweaty job, but with RangeXTD, things are going to get easier than you could possibly think of! You can easily set it up at your place, all by yourself, even if you are doing it for the very first time with the least effort. You do not require any particular skill or prior knowledge to get it done!

11. Customer Satisfaction:

Going through the reviews, RangeXTD has got a really satisfied customer base wherein the review notes have been pretty positive. Whether you want to have this WiFi booster at your place to fetch an uninterrupted source of entertainment or you want to have it for the reason that your work is dependent on the same, this is going to be a perfect deal for you in either of the cases.

Alternatives to RangeXTD:

Although RangeXTD is one of the best devices in the category, you may probably want to have a look at the other alternatives as well. Before diving into the products, let me tell you that the basic functionality of either of the devices are the same. There are just a few differences that the other products have, in terms of features. Here are the other options that you can count:

  • Netgear WiFi Mesh Range Extender Ex6100

It is pretty easy to set up and comprises of a wired Ethernet port. It is capable of connecting up to 15 devices at a time which is definitely a downside in comparison to the RangeXTD which allows unlimited number of devices to connect to it. Netgear Ex6100 comes with dual bands and has a speed of 750 Mbps. Thus, you need to give it a thought based on your requirement.

  • Superboost WiFi Extender

It comes with a single band, a speed of 300 Mbps and a 2.4 G processor. It comprises of a plug-and-play provision, a WPS button and an Ethernet port. Other than the Repeater Mode and the Access Point mode of RangeXTD, the Superboost comes with Client and Wisp Client Router modes. Hence, it is now going to be your call if you need to have these extra 2 features or in case you are just fine with the ones RangeXTD had! The only downside that this device has got in comparison to the RangeXTD is that the former allows you to connect only up to 15 devices and not more than that!

Bottom Line

Well, we have highlighted all the pros and cons of RangeXTD, and now it is absolutely upon the buyer for he or she is the one who is going to avail the service. Most importantly, the decision is going to be based on the particular needs of a buyer which would go on varying from one individual to another. Whatsoever, the functionalities are listed in brief, and if you think of just the design, both the Netgear and Superboost comes with a pretty similar look, in comparison to the elegant look, feel and style of the RangeXTD. Thus, if you need to own a device with a higher speed, or have any other priority, you may definitely go and check out the alternatives. In case your sole requirement is to go for a unit that allows unlimited connections, grab the RangeXTD.