News from Room 111

Growing Young Hearts and Minds

Our Reading CAFE Menu

In our room "cafe" stands for comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary. These 4 important goal areas in reading are a way to organize the reading strategies we are learning. So far we have practiced the comprehension strategies of Check for Understanding and Back Up and Reread., as well as the accuracy strategy called Cross Check. Yesterday we had lots of fun collecting new words when we practiced the Tune into Interesting Words vocabulary strategy. Each time we learn a new strategy, we add it to our Cafe Menu area on the closet doors. Soon, I will work with each student to determine individual reading goals areas but for now we are adding strategies that help all readers. Parent Pipelines have been coming home in Bee binders to help you support the use of these during at-home reading. (I still owe you the vocab pipeline, I believe.)

Bus Safety

A big shout out to Ready Bus for coming to our school and showing the kids how to stay safe riding a school bus. Our driver/guest speaker had students safely board and exit the bus, and also practice walking in front of the bus in the safety zone. I was very proud of the class for their attentive listening to the bus driver!

Spirit Week

Next week is Spirit Week!

M Crazy Hair Day

T 70's/80's Day

W Opposite Day

Th Role Model Day

F GGRR (Students will receive a t-shirt in school.)

NWEA Testing has Started

Students at the elementary school take Reading and Math assessments in the fall and spring. Our class will be taking the Reading assessment on Monday at 8:15. Our math test will be next Monday, October 5 at 8:15.

Great Green Run and Roll

This will be the final week for collecting donations for the GGRR. The kids are super motivated to bring in lots of shoes this week in hopes that second grade will be one of the top two grade levels which will get to create human ice cream sundaes out of Mr. Woller and Mr. Ekern. What a great "sticky" incentive!

MAPE this Week

M PE/Music

T Library/Friends

W PE/Music

Th Art

F PE/Music

Sorry no pics this week...truth is, I simply forgot to take them :(