Mrs. Dunn & Mrs. Rowe

September 21st - 25th


Monday: CEPA kicks off their Mixed Bag Fundraiser

Tuesday: Watch Dog Kickoff @ 6pm


This week in Reading we will continue to practice our inferencing skills. We will also learn how author's use effective sensory imagery in their writing to help us "create" the story in our mind. We will discuss the different types of figurative language and how they are interpreted in the stories we read.

Unit 4 Spelling test on Friday!


This week in math we will begin Unit #2: Algebraic Expressions. Students will learn about prime and composite numbers, variables, and equations.

Students will be bringing home Envision workbooks that they can use for practice. I will be sure to include in the newsletter what topics we are working through each week. Please be sure students are studying and practicing every night. They need to know their basic facts!

We are working on topic 7.1


On Monday we will go over Unit #1 and #2 test. Starting Tuesday we will begin Unit #3: Force and Motion. Students will work with several different hand on activities and get new vocabulary this week.

Social Studies

This week students will learn about settling Pennsylvania, the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies. We will also start discuss Slavery in the colonies.
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