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David Y. Chack will be stepping down and handing over the Executive Director position to Jeremy Aluma!

After six years as Executive Director, David Y. Chack will be stepping down at the end of 2019. In his time as director David has brought the Alliance for Jewish Theatre forward into a new time of growth, stability, and artistic focus. Now, he and the AJT Board are excited to hand over the position to Jeremy Aluma. Recently completing his M.F.A. in directing from DePaul University, Jeremy is an award winning theatre director, originally from Los Angeles, with deep roots in Israel and Iraqi descent. Recently he did an acclaimed production of THE DYBBUK in Chicago, and he has worked in all areas of theatre, from producing to marketing. He brings a fresh theatrical vision but also a vision that deeply connects to what being a Jew is today. AJT Board President Hank Kimmel has called Jeremy “...a leader among the new generation of Jewish theatre makers, who will bring this organization forward.” Here is some of what Jeremy wrote the Board upon acceptance of the position.

Judaism and theatre are my life force. The two flow through me like the inhale and exhale of breath — two aspects of my identity which cannot exist without the other. Becoming a more thoughtful, aware, and committed Jew makes me a stronger theatre director. Becoming a more innovative, open, and inspired theatre artist intensifies my connection with Judaism. I create theatre as an offering, a gateway to greater empathy. In Judaism there is a belief that empathy stirs us to great acts of kindness and generosity, and that those actions can repair the pain and suffering in the world. This is what we continuously strive for: Tikkun Olam. Every work of art I create aims to incite action from the audience beyond the stage; if they see themselves in others, perhaps they will work toward a more inclusive society.

Join us in Chicago at this year’s conference to meet Jeremy and to bid David farewell - celebrating all that AJT has become and what is in store for the future!

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The Alliance for Jewish Theatre 2019 Conference hosted by ShPIeL-Performing Identity will be held in Chicago from November 3rd to November 5th. The TEATRON Chicago Jewish Theatre Festival produced by ShPIeL will continue through November 10. More info to come.

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Call for Solo Performers’ and Playwrights’ Showcase

A panel of peers will curate short-plays/sections from longer plays and solo performances for the Solo Performers’ and Playwrights’ Showcase. Pieces will be accepted on the basis of quality and Jewishness as defined by theatre-maker. All pieces must be performed for 8-minutes or less.

The deadline has been extended to September 27th.


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