5 Themes of Geography: Austin

by: Samantha Bryant

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These pictures represent Austin's relative location. Downtown Austin sits on the banks of the Colorado River or as most people here like to call that section, Lake Austin shown in the picture above. The picture to the left shows that Austin lies in the south-eastern part of Texas about 3 hours from Dallas.

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True Austinites love a good day on the lake, and luckily, Austin has plenty of them. From natural pools like Barton Springs to an actual lake like Lady Bird Lake or Lake Travis, it's not summer here without out our water activities.

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Austin is part of the Hill Country which falls in the mid-southern part of Texas. The Hill Country has rugged hills that are made up of layers of limestone or granite covered with a thin layer of top soil and spans through 25 counties across Texas.


The pictures above represent movement within the Austin area. The center shows the Capital Metro Rail that people use daily for their commute into Austin. The left and right represent how people move in and out of Austin to enjoy the music. Austin is known as the live music capital of the world and tons of people come in and out of the area each year for the music festivals held here.

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The picture above shows the basic parts of a rain barrel, something that is becoming more commonly seen in Austin every year. The severe drought going through the Austin area (shown left) is affecting the amount of water people are allowed to use. Austinites are adapting to the situation by having rain barrels to collect what rain water does come and saving it to do basic tasks when water is very scarce.