Tim Hortons

Come to Tim Hortons it is the best resturant.

What we sell

We sell chocolate milk , oatmeal, yogurt, green tea , sandwich, wraps and a lot of more foods. The Food groups are Dairy ,Grain ,Meat alliterative , and fruit and vegetables.

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Healthy beverages

We have added more healthy food at Tim hortons first we added lemonade and a strawberry smoothie. You should not drink coffee because it me has a lot of caffeine the caffeine is not good for you. Our new lemonade and strawberry smoothie has fresh lemons and strawberry you should try it.
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Kid brevarges

We have chocolate milk but in our new heathy menu we have got 2% milk. It is more healthy than chocolate milk we have seen this on the Canada's food guide. This is better than hot chocolate.
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Healthy Salad Combo

There is a chicken noodle soup with a side of salad with croutons. It taste really good and this combo Is healthier than a sandwich and burger. it comes in the food groups meat and alterative dairy and fruit and vegetables.