Ms. Kramr's 3rd Grade Newsletter

January 5-8

What are we learning?

Math- We will be continuing our journey through geometry for the next two weeks! We’ll look at the attributes of 3D shapes and use them to compare differences and similarities. We’ll also study irregular shapes and figure out how to find the area using friendly shapes.

Reading- We will begin our unit on folktales, fables, legends and myths when we return from break. We will learn about the characteristics that make them different from realistic fiction. WE will also find out how the setting on one traditional tale is similar and different to the setting in other traditional tales. Finally, we will understand how to use the theme to support comprehension of tales.

Science- We will be introducing environments. Students will learn about animals different characteristics that help them to survive as well as environmental changes. Writing- In writing, we will be focusing on imaginary stories. Our first step is to develop the main character. Lessons will focus on this. Ask your child what the main character is like in the imaginary story that is being written. What does he/she look like? How do other characters respond to this character? What are the thoughts and actions of this character?

Dates to Remember:

Jan. 5- First day back to school

Jan. 14- Report Cards go home

Jan. 18- MLK Holiday/No School

Jan. 22- 3-5 Assembly

Feb. 3- Early Release


Science Fair

If you’re interested in participating in this year’s science fair, please visit the following link for info and rubrics.

Labels for Education

Patsy Sommer will participate in the Campbell’s Labels for Education™ program. This program is a great way to earn FREE equipment or supplies for our school. Just save the UPC code(s) from the label(s)and send them to your child’s class.

You can visit for a complete list of eligible

products and point values.

Thank you for supporting your school!

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