Brian Chong 2nd period


Laos, the lanlocked beauty of south east asia, ismtruly a remark able site. Laos has many great aspects like being a tropical minsoon which means itmhas wet and dry seasons and being a communist government. Laos isma developers ing country but is becoming more modern withan inceasingly bigger econ8my. This article will show you the beauty that is laos.

Geography and climate of Laos

In the middle of southeast Asia, Laos is a land locked country sharing borders with China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar. Laos' s main geographical feature is the Mekong River which flows through 19, 000 kilometers of Laos' s land.Laos has a total of 236, 800 square kilometres in land and is divided into three distinct sections which diverse mountains, plateaus and plains which run along the mekong region. An estimated three fourths of Laos is dominated by rough mountains, jungles and agricultural areas. The other fourth of the land is covered with plains and runs next to the mekong river.

The climate of Laos is a tropical monsoon with wet and dry seasons. The wet seasons with a lot of rain last from may to September while the dry seasons usually last from October to April.

The average temperature for Laos is 28 degress celcius, however, during cold seasons it can drop down to 10 to 15 degrees celcius.

People and Culture

Laos is the country with the lowest density rate in asia having an average of 19 people per square kilometer which means there's a lot of space for you to live in. I love how there is so many people in my home country housing over 68 ethnic groups. Its exiting to meet new people this way. The language we speak is known as Lao which is great because it is part of the tai kadai language group so it is easier to understand those that do not speak the same language as you are still able to understand them because your languages are very similar (both of the languages being in the tak kadai language Group).

The main religion here in Laos is Bhuddism. I like how the government doesn't appose the teachings of Bhuddism even though are government is communist. This gives us more freedom than other communist countries.

Here in Laos are social rules are good for keeping people polite so there isn't any havoc. We use a procedure known as a nob which is like a religious gesture which we do to elders and those who are socially superior to us. I love how peaceful and quiet it is here and Laos because of people not accepting things like backslapping and shouting which are things that seem very rude. Here in Laos make sure always to look at somebody's head not their feet because the head is considered the highest part of the body and it would be rude to look at somebody's feet. Also before going in temples for prayer, me and my family make sure to take our shoes off which is a sign of respect.

Government and Citizenship of Laos

Here in Laos the type of Government we have is a Communist government. I feel very safe and I feel that I can be handled in the hands of the Government. The government is also very caring for it's people and doesn't care what you're religion is or if you're different. Everyone here has a equal rights regardless of their race or sex according to the law. Everybody also has the right to vote at the age of 18 which I find very fair because people shouldn't not be able to vote just because of their race or sex. However, people can be revoked the right to vote by court which I like because people who don't care for harmony in our country shouldn't have the right to vote.

Here in Laos everybody also has the right to go to school. Our school system consists of four sections of school that you go too. In the order, the sections of school that you could go to are Preschool education, primary school education, and lower secondary and upper secondary education systems. The forms of higher education are under the advisory of The National University of Laos founded in 1996. Since then Things have been starting to get better here in Laos with schools and colleges.


Th economy of Laos increasing ly getting bigger and bigger each day. Laos main industries are mining, electric power, and agricultural processing. Lo0aos is a communist government which means that that the market isn't free like america. The government is however lettjng go of control little by little.

Laos can't depend on just their industries, becaus3 it doesn't make enough money. So Laos highly depends in investing on ofher countries. Laos mainly export electric power to ciuntries like Thailand and import s mainly veichles and fuel.