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A couple with Down Syndrome professes love through marriage.

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The Wedding is Finally Here!

John Michael Henderson and Mary Night were both diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth, but nothing ever stopped them. They lived their lives not knowing anything about the other, but once they met, they became inseparable. John asked Mary to be his wife on October 3 of last year, and she replied with a joyful and excited yes. After a thrilling wait, John Michael and Mary had their wedding of a lifetime on April 10, on the California shoreline. They exchanged vows to each other, which made the wedding even more special. John Michael said,"I love her with all of my heart, she is so amazing." Many lives have been touched after witnessing this story, and it has inspired many people affected by Down Syndrome. Since then, many other couples affected by this disease have tied the knot. John Michael and Mary's story has made an enormous impact on many peoples' lives and given hope to those affected by Down Syndrome.