WSA Randall Weekly Newsletter

September 17, 2021

Dates to Remember

September 28: Panera (on Sunset) Dine to Donate

October 13: 5th Grade Run

November 3: Picture Make Up Day

Blessings in a Backpack

We are pleased to share that Randall STEM, along with all Elementary Schools in our District, will be offering the Blessings in a Backpack Program to students this year. Your student is coming home today with a sample bag and a note with more information about the program. Your student will continue to receive a bag every Friday unless you return the "opt out" form included with that information. If you are not in need of the program, please return that opt out form so we can ensure nothing goes to waste.

We could also use volunteers to help prepare and deliver bags on Friday mornings. If you would be interested and available Friday mornings (approx 9 am to 10:30 am), please contact Mrs. Johnston in the office (

Attendance Reminders

Remember to submit documentation from a provider if your child misses school for an appointment or visits a provider while out sick. While you can excuse these absences, they count toward the 10 allowed per year unless we have documentation. Read on for

more details about School District of Waukesha Attendance policies, reporting absences and brief explanations of notifications that all district students receive.

  • All student absences, including late arrivals, early departures, or leaving and returning from appointments, must be reported through the Safe Arrival system. Click here if you are new to the system.
  • Parents may excuse up to 10 (combined) absences per year without medical documentation. This includes excused absences for vacations, illness, funeral, etc. More than 10 without medical documentation are marked as truant. Families will receive a Medical Warning letter when students are excused by parent after 5 (combined) days of school. After 10 (combined) absences excused by parents, families will receive an Excessive Absence/Medical Excuse Required letter.
  • For any medical appointments, or illnesses where your child sees a provider, submit documentation from that provider. Can be via email, fax, or paper turned in to the office. Medically excused absences do not count toward the 5 or 10 that require letters.
  • Classes begin at 7:55 am. Families will receive a Tardy Notification letter when a student is tardy 10 or more times in a school year.
  • For pre-planned absences of more than two days, please submit this form (click link) prior to the start of the absence. You do not need to enter these into Safe Arrival. Submitting this form does not exempt the absences from counting toward the 10 that parents may excuse.
  • If you choose to self-quarantine your student after a COVID exposure, or if your student tests positive for COVID, please contact Mrs. Williams at so we can document those absences appropriately.

Pick Up Time Reminder

Please remember our school day ends at 2:55 pm and students must be picked up at that time. Our staff supervision ends at 3:05 pm and staff is needed at other meetings after that time. If you are unable to pick your child up at that time, click here for after school childcare options in our district.

Clarification on Free Lunch Limits

While lunch is free to all this year, seconds and a la carte milk is not. This means that students cannot get second helping unless there is money on their lunch account to purchase it. If your student packs a lunch and wants milk, they need to have money on their lunch accounts or bring 40 cents change to purchase one.

We also do recommend that if you qualify for Free and Reduced lunch that you still apply, as this may qualify you for additional assistance and will ensure your students lunches are still covered when school starts next year. Click here for the application page.

Pork Free Lunches

The only lunch offering containing pork is Pepperoni Pizza. All other menu items are free from pork products.

Health Room Headlines

It is that time of year again my friends - fall in Wisconsin! The weather can't make up its mind. The allergens are in full attack mode. The kiddos are back in school. And many people are catching some sort of cold / virus. Just a friendly reminder that we are still doing our utmost to keep your kiddos healthy and safe while they are in our care here at STEM. Washing and sanitizing hands, cleaning work areas, and sanitizing supplies are all a part of daily life. I encourage them to keep up these same healthy habits at home as well! During cold and flu season, you may want to follow up with your provider for their recommendations on ways to boost your child's immune system, because unlike Pokemon - WE DON'T HAVE TO CATCH 'EM ALL!!

Fall Event Interest Survey- Only ONE Question!

Please click here and answer ONE question for our PTSO. Thanks!

Girl Scout Ice Cream Social

Click here for information on this year's kick off for Girl Scout troops being held on Thursday, September 23rd. Bring your family, your troop, and your friends, and show them what Girl Scouts is all about!

MAP Assessments

Students will be participating in MAP testing between September 20th and October 8th. Your student's teacher will be notifying you of the dates and times for his/her class.

Paying Fees in Infinite Campus

If you are having trouble paying student fees through your Infinite Campus Parent Portal, Click here for fee payment instructions. The RevTrak system does not exist anymore.
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Missed Something?

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Lunch Menus

Students choose from the Elementary Lunch Menu. If dietary restrictions require items from the Elementary Veggie Lunch Menu, you must pre-order with the office a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

STEM Community Link

Click here for extra-curricular offerings related to or held at STEM Randall

SDW Community Connections

Click here to see PeachJar flyers (Extra-Curricular Offerings throughout our District)

School District of Waukesha Family Resources

If you are strugging, our School District has many resources available to help. Click here to see what is available.

Randall Campus (K-5)

REPORT ALL STUDENT ABSENCES USING THE SAFE ARRIVAL SYSTEM. If the absence is COVID-19 related, please contact the school office.