The Basic Technical Information Required To Convert VHS To DVD

If your house is filled with old VHS tapes that are mementos of precious memories of your life and you are worried about preserving them, then converting them into DVD format is the wise choice. VHS tapes have a lifespan of around 20 years, and they are also prone to damage, being erased and easily destroyed. On the other hand, DVD can be kept stored for an indefinite period of time, are compatible with almost all recent and newly upgraded electronic video players and space saving. But before you are taking up the daunting task to convert VHS to DVD of your old tapes, there are a few information that is sure to help you in the process.

The first thing that you can decide to do in your aim to preserve those old memories, is to convert or copy the old VHS tapes into DVD. For this purpose, you can choose either the option of converting them with the help of a computer or take the help of a combination DVD and VCR player cum recorder unit. Each choice comes with its pros and cons. In the case of a computer, you are endowed with the special privilege of being able to edit your videos before burning them into DVD. Now, on the other hand, for a person, who is not so comfortable with computer related matters and are simply looking for means to carry out a fuss-free process to convert VHS to DVD, a combination VHS DVD dev ice will get the work done easily. All you have to do is to insert the VHS tape into the device and it will record the video in a DVD, with your own choice of formats, JPEG, MP4 or DivX.

Now if you are looking for quality, obviously customizing your video output through a computer is the best choice and the most used service normally adapted by the VHS to DVD converter services. And for this process to go without a hitch, there a few basic technical requirements that your computer hardware need to possess or be installed with. For example, it is imperative that your computer or PC has a video card installed to enable it to record digital video in the format MPEG-2 by a specific resolution ratio. Higher the resolution ratio, better is your video quality, but the minimum requirement is to have at least 640x480 resolution. There is also the minimum requisite to be able to capture the video at 30 frames in a second. Even if you do not have the basic requirements, you can scout the market for many powerful video card installation that is sure to make your dream to convert VHS to DVD a success.