Shadow Puppet EDU

*2014 Best App for Teaching & Learning - AASL*

What is Shadow Pupper EDU?

With this app you can easily create videos in the classroom! The EDU version is designed specifically for classroom use. Students of all ages can make videos to tell stories, explain ideas, or document their learning. The videos can be up to 30 minutes in length and use up to 100 slides of photos. It's an excellent resource for flipped classrooms and presentations.

Simply visit the iTunes store and download the app.

What can students do with it?

  • Present a project or describe an experience
  • Develop digital storytelling skills
  • Demonstrate understanding of a concept for assessment
  • Improve speaking skills or practice reading aloud
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  1. Pick a set of photos from any album on your device.
  2. Drag-and-drop to reorder them, and crop them so they look right.
  3. Record your audio voice-over providing the story behind the photos.
  4. Tap and zoom to highlight points of interest as you go through pics.
  5. Text, email, tweet, or Facebook your Shadow Puppet link.
  6. Friends and followers can watch your Shadow Puppet even if they don't have the app.

Student Objectives

  • Students use digital storytelling resources and iPads to effectively communicate
  • Understand and use best practices
  • Make connections between digital storytelling and curriculum
  • Transfer learned material to projects