Constitutional Era and Federal Era

BY: Madison Smith

Shay Rebellion

Shay's Rebellion is the name given to a series of protests in 1786 and 1787 by American farmers that were against state and local enforcement of tax collections and judgments for debt. The rebellion was most serious Massachusetts because there were bad harvests, economic depression, and high taxes threatened farmers with the lost of there farms. The rebellion took its name from its leader Daniel Shays. He was a former captain in the Continental army.

Whiskey Rebellion

The Whiskey Rebellion began in 1791 and ended in 1794. A tax on alcohol is what sparked the Whiskey Rebellion. President George Washington personally led troops to end the Whiskey Rebellion. The Whiskey Rebellion was prompted by the passing of an excise tax in March 1791. The Whiskey Rebellion occurred 20 years after the War of Independence.

XYZ Affair

1793, France went to war with Great Britain while America remained neutral. XYZ Affair was a political and diplomatic episode in 1797 and 1798, early in the administration of John Adams. After what had transpired in France, Adams handed them over with the names of the French agents replaced with the letters X, Y and Z; thus the name XYZ Affair.