GRE Staff Newsletter

For the Week of November 19, 2018

Dear Team,

Last year I focused a lot on my personal growth and leadership. I listened to podcasts, read articles, and kept a journal to study how I could make positive changes in how I handled life. One of the lessons that stuck with me was the concept of eliminating BCD from my life. BCD stands for blame, complain, defend. I worked really hard on it for quite a while last year and then when I felt I made progress I moved on to some other skills and concepts. This past week, I turned on my Focus 3 Podcast and the episode was all about BCD. Rather timely considering some of the "eventful" days we've had lately. While I was listening I dug out my notebook and began furiously writing reminders to myself. I filled 3 pages with notes! The hosts talked about some of the following concepts:

-We rarely BCD alone

-No one feels better after listening to someone BCD

-BCD is addictive and habitual in nature

-People tend to find, fixate and focus on what they don't like about a situation or person due to human negativity bias

-There is not one person who is hoping you complain more

I felt like I was meant to hear this message. There have been a few days where I've walked into Ginna's office and "vented" about how overwhelmed I am with OTES or how I can't keep up with email. It didn't make me feel better after I did this...and I'm quite sure it didn't help Ginna. The podcast reminded me that there are only 2 options when facing a genuine problem:

1. Resolution

2. Resilliance

"Everyday we make a decision about how we use our time, energy, and attention. We can use it to BCD or find resolution or resilience in a problem."

As we enter into this Thanksgiving week, I wanted to push us all to remember how thankful we are to be at GRE together. There will be stressful timelines and due dates in the weeks ahead, but what if we all approached it with a positive mindset and kept our focus on resiliency? Let's work hard to lift each other up! Let's keep gratitude at the center of our focus during these next couple weeks! Rest up, soak in your family and friends, make memories and leave school behind-we'll still be here to welcome each other back!

With gratitude and thanks for each of you!


News to Share

1. Be sure you have completed your Open Enrollment even if you are not using the district insurance. Claire Paul has sent many emails to staff regarding this-be sure to get logged in and get this done ASAP.

2. Thank you to those teachers who followed our sign up procedures for Eagle Ed. Just a reminder that when we do these events, we all must follow the procedures to create the best experience possible for our students. Thank you to Angie Keller for monitoring and supporting teachers this past week in getting students signed up. Eagle Ed is this Tuesday! We will follow an assembly schedule on this day. You can review the schedule by looking at the GRE Building schedule below.

3. I still need more staff who are willing to have Big Walnut use you for a Staff Spotlight feature on their Social Media. GRE will be featured January 18th and March 15th. Please complete this survey if you are willing to be a part of this! I've only had one teacher sign up-it only takes a minute to respond, please consider sharing how amazing you are with our community.

4. The book fair has been doing really well! Let's keep supporting this exciting event by including the link for the sale as well as included a last reminder for tomorrow evening's shopping hours from 4:30-7:30.

5. PAC met on Thursday this past week. Click here to see the notes.

6. If you are using the Chromebooks from the library, please have students sign them out using the online checkout system. There will be times when they may be unavailable, so let's continue to support each other by sharing devices and working together. If you have questions, don't hesitate to stop by and talk to me.

7. We will have "family dinner" tomorrow in the STEM Hub from 5:20-6:00. See you there!

PLC Weekly Challenge

Shout out to...

-2nd Grade for meeting to chat about conferences and passing along your notes or ideas

-1st, Intervention, and Related Arts for meeting with Ginna and I about Conferences (Other teams needed rescheduled...sorry about that!)

-Jen Valentik for having Ginna in to read the book from this month's GRE Monthly Menu!

-Christine Doran received news this week that she will receive a grant she applied for through Delaware Arts Council

This week's PLC challenge is to talk about student conferences. Reflect on this checklist from our staff meeting on Tuesday. As a team, what do you agree or disagree with? How might you use this to guide one student conference this week. Share ways you include student conferences at your level.

If you complete this week's challenge you can earn a Casual Sticker! Be sure to send your team notes to Kate!

Week at a Glance

Monday, Nov. 19- B Day; Parent Teacher Conferences (Dinner at 5:20)

Tuesday, Nov. 20- C Day; Eagle Ed 2:15pm

Wednesday, Nov. 21- No School

Thursday, Nov. 22- No School

Friday, Nov. 23- No School

Upcoming Important Dates:

Nov 26-Waiver Day; Click here to see DRAFT Agenda

GRE Book Fair-Online Shopping Link

Please share with your families through newsletters, emails or other communication methods.

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