Internet safety

How to keep safe online.

How to create a strong password

To make a strong password,use a mixture of upper and lower case letters so that it makes it harder to crack. Also make sure that only you know it and dont tell anyone.

Scare ware

If a message pops up, check your anti-virus software because if you upload the recemended virus protection from the pop up,it could have a virus in it.Also,use anti virus protection like norton or avast to avoid scare ware.

Social networking sites

When using social networking sites like facebook ot twitter, make sure that you only talk to people you know and dont talk to strangers.Also,make sure you have good password protection so that your profile do not get hacked.

Secure wireless connection.

Follow these steps to make sure you dont pay sky high bills for people going on your internet.When you get wireless,make sure you put a password onto the connection so that other people cannot use the wireless connection for their own computer.


if a internet shopping site dousn't have https://, you shoulnt use it because it might be fake or might have a virus. people use scams like this to steal your credit card information.