5th Grade Science News

Mrs. Flowers

Goings On In Science

Welcome back from winter break! The students are fully back into the swing of school. They have been very busy for the last week. We started discussing material from Chapter 6 in our science book. As a class we went to the media center and each student was given a different ecosystem to research. They researched location, climate, landforms, animal, plants and different food chains of their particular ecosystem.
Students then came back together and shared their research with the class. Each student took notes on all of the other ecosystems.

This Week In Science

Yesterday students finished taking notes on the ecosystems and today we plotted a map with some locations of these ecosystems. The rest of the week we will spend discussing food webs including producers, consumers and decomposers.


Last week students were assigned an Animap for homework. This was not intended to be a project. It was intended to expose students to different ecosystems and the animals that live there. Some students struggled with the assignment so I allowed students to have an extra day to complete the homework.
This week, students were not assigned homework.