Brent the Construction Foreman

Buying a New Car and House!

I get paid $50,000 a year. With my budget I can afford $433115.56 on a new house and car.

For my house I found a $185000 two bedroom home in Overland Park KS. Each month I will pay $905.35 with an interest rate of 3.875%; and $104926 in interest. Over the course of my loan I will pay $325926. If I raise my monthly pay by fifteen percent that would save me $1041.15 and would take me roughly 22 years to pay off.
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New Car

I am buying a new 2016 Ford Focus. It's $31,040 with a rate at 3.20%. I will pay $134.24 each month and over the course of my loan will pay $48326.4. In interest I will pay $17286.4. By increasing my monthly payment on my car by 15% I will save $154.38 and pay it off in about 24 years. The total difference in the payments is $44535.54.

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