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When industralization came to America, everyone was affected by it. It brought good and bad things. Yeah it helped us to improve the way we did things in a more eficient amd faster way but also there were a lot of damages in the enviroment and in people's health. In my oppinion industralization had to happen in order for us to get to where we are now.


As U.S was the country with oportunities for everyone, people from all over the world satarted comming to the U.S in order to get a job and improve their life styles. But before they put their feet on New York, they had to pass all the requirements that were needed. And if they did so, they got a job which work conditions were not the best. Thanks to all that imigration we have a lot of diversity here in the U.S.
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Because of all the imigration from countries all iver the world to the U.S, cities started being formed. The were houses specially for the immigrants and also a lot of entretaiment. Communities were developed according to peoples coulture of country. Thanks to the goverment of those days, immigrants life was "easier" and the cities we have nowadays were founded.


U.S as a big country with lots of money and power, wanted to expand their beliefs and thoughs, most likely in Latin America. U.s started taking territory and in consequence of that a lot of wars were fought. Somo of the main conflicts were with: Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Cuba. The U.s goverment in order to have more teritory by his side, and having all that power, started getting into forgein territory causing a lot of troubles and a lot of deaths.
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World War I

Even though the U.S at the biggining of the war was neutral, imwe get into the war in 1917, three years after the war began. We decided to be in when The Lusitania's sinking happened by hands of the Germans. We got into the war and we won thanks to our frash troops against tired German soldiers. The U.S goverment took a good decision when decided to stay neutral at first but also when it was decided to get into the war because without the U.S troops, the posibilities for us to win decreases.
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