Cultural Geography

What is Globalization?

Globalization is the interconnection between cultures and nations through means such as communication, trade, the effect it has on nature and our natural resources, and how it can bring people together or rip them apart.


In my Cultural Geography class, part of the assignment was to create a list of products that were imported from all over the world, and use one of the countries as a back bone. My project's back bone is the lovely country of Sweden

Four Types of Globilization

There are four different types of Globalization:
  • Economic- the growth in businesses and trade between nations and cultures all over the world
  • Technological- advances and set backs in technology and improving communication between nations and cultures
  • Environmental- the effect Globalization has on nature and our natural resources
  • Cultural- how Globalization brings different cultures from all over the world together and/or apart

The Downside of Globalization

There is also the downside of Globalization... One thing on the downside of Globalization is how new diseases and viruses are now able to spread like wildfire. Someone that is sick with something like... (sorry it's current) Ebola could get on a plane and go literally and figuratively anywhere. They would then spread it by coughing whilst someone else is breathing in, or sneezing (accidentally I hope) into someone's mouth, or bleeding on someone and getting it into the pores of the other persons' skin, or just by sharing a drink with another (which is dangerous and gross; even without the looming and growing threat of Ebola), and so on and so forth it goes. I guess you could count this as environmental considering it affects the welfare of other lifeforms much like my self. Other problems with the environmental state of the world include; how much pollution has increased, who is the most powerful (depending on what resources they control), the proliferating population, etc. etc.

Another downside of Globalization would definitely have to be the improved technology and better communication because of things like cyber bullying. The improved technology that Globalization has provided us with makes being a bully that much easier. Being a bully online and being a bully in person are two completely different things. When you are online, your personality changes, and you can feel more confident. Sometimes that extra burst of courage is used to do sweet things like propose to someone or ask them to prom in a video that you post on YouTube, in which you make a complete and utter fool of yourself. You can also do nice things like support someone that you don't normally talk to or see, completely makes someone else's day by posting something nice about them or saying something to them that you wouldn't have the courage to say to them in person on just another mediocre day. Unfortunately cyber bullying is proliferating and more and more people are becoming victims of it. Cyber bullying can completely break a person to the point of no return. It can cause them to do awful things to themselves such as: become anorexic, bulimic, cut themselves, push other people away, attempt to commit suicide, actually commit suicide, go off the deep end, etc. etc. I personally have not had displeasure of experiencing cyber bullying. But I know all of this from observing, as what I consider myself to be is an observer of human interaction and activity (a writer, but a terrible one at that). Cyber Bullying is worse than regular bullying because you can not escape it. At any point in time you can look down at your phone that is obviously in your hand, and see something awful being posted about you. It could be a secret you never wanted anyone to share, or a comment you made being turned around to make you look like a monster, or even a person that doesn't like you starting rumors and ruining your life. Most of the time it is done out of jealousy; other times it is done out of irrational hatred and anger. Judging is something that people naturally do, but sometimes the judgments can tear the other person apart apart. On a lighter note, there is also the newly found fear of obesity from constantly playing on our devices, and the problem of people no longer wanting to partake in daily human interaction (or at least not in person), etc.etc. There are so many problems that have been created from our 'improved' technology.

The Economy is yet another downside of globalization. Sure there are more jobs for people in developing or underdeveloped countries, but what about the people here in America that lose their jobs to people in another country over seas? The people that are left without an income or a way to pay the bills? The people that end up living on the street or back living with their parents for the umpteenth time because the world chewed them up and spat them out? What about them? Our nation is trying to focus it's economy on helping other economies stop their people from starving or being jobless. But how can we focus on helping others if we have yet to help ourselves? We have more homeless people than I can count here in the U.S. alone. Sure, they get attention because it makes the upper class people feel like they are helping out our nation (to which they are). But... What about the people that no one pays attention to? What about the middle class? What about the middle class family that is just barely scraping by? What if that family doesn't have enough money to have a nice dinner on their table every night. Unlike members of the lower class, members of the middle class do not have EBT cards, or Welfare, or Food Stamps, and definitely are not benefited by Obamacare. Members of the middle class can not use an EBT card to go out to eat. They have to save up for weeks on end and treat going out to eat as a luxury. Members of the middle class do not have Welfare, so everything they buy is not just bought with their own hard earned money and their sweat and tears. And Obamacare really only benefits the lower class. Not all lower class people take advantage of these benefits. Some lower class people really do rely on these benefits to get by because they are trying, but not succeeding. Their lives are stuck in a constant circle of try-error. Those are the members of the lower class that I hope succeed. I don't know. Maybe my judgement is biased because of where I grew up and the things I have observed in my short life. But I am really starting to believe that 2014 is the era in which people have stopped. Stopped trying. Stopped caring. Stopped living. The human race is becoming too reliant on the government and the benefits it tosses around to those who don't actually need them.

Finally, the downside of culture. Culture has some very serious downsides seeing as it is a way of life that is diverse and unique to each individual person on the planet. Everyone has a way of life, and their way of life is infused with their beliefs. When we start thinking that one way of life is better than another, then we start to hold ourselves higher, and then we ruin the human race as a whole. You cannot just start tearing apart someones beliefs, without tearing apart their culture or way of life, without tearing apart that person. As you can see, believing yourself to be more humane and/or better than someone else is a path set for the complete and total annihilation of the human race. I don't know about you, but that is a path I do not want to travel down. Unfortunately their are the inevitable culture clashes. They will happen no matter what we try to do to prevent them. Some cultures will not fit together no matter how hard you try to shove them into place and alignment. The Americans and the Radical Islamists will never be able to come together because their ways are two different. Because of the vague definition of humanity, both cultures are able to think that they are more humane. And they are both right. But they are also wrong. The point is: living like this is going to cause the human race to become extinct.

Solutions to the Problems Listed Above

Unfortunately, none of these problems have simple solutions that can be fixed in the blink of an eye. But... I think it is safe to believe that over time they can be fixed or mended at the very least.

  • Environment- What is there other than to say that in order to prevent a virus or disease from spreading, the country has to be isolated (but that defeats the purpose of Globalization). But, If the disease can be prevented from existing then it should. Instead of having our labs focus their research on how to weaponize diseases, we should be focusing more on how to cure things that already exist. The more we mess around with them, the worse they can become, and the worse the after effects are. In the new hit abc TV series the Lottery, a group of scientists were researching how to create a fertility crisis and how to cure it, but it got out of hand, and endangered the human race. Pollution can potentially be solved by only using recyclable products and using small amounts of them. I don't think resource control can be changed all that much. The only thing we can do is improve the way we trade and make it fair for everyone. Population is rapidly increasing and soon the human population will out weigh the resources on the face of the earth. To keep animals from overpopulating, we hunt them, but I think it would be a little strange to hunt people. But... Doesn't that make you question why we are allowed to hunt animals to keep their population under control? It's hypocritical really. But their is nothing more we can do other than dictate the amount of children a woman is allowed to produce.

  • Technology is really complex. It makes us feel invincible and connected. But... We aren't invincible... And a little hunk of metal, glass, plastic, and wires can only do so much to bring everyone together. I think that being judgmental is perfectly fine so long as you keep your harsh opinions to yourself. If you don't like someone that's great for you. Who they are and what they do is really none of your business so long as it doesn't effect you in a great way. If you don't like the person, leave them alone whenever possible. For Clark Gable's sake; Ignore them if you have to! Just try to be civil and treat others the way you want to be treated. If you thing women are beneath you, that's absolutely wonderful; but keep your mouth shut. If you think all men are pigs, even better; seal your lips. No one wants to be treated poorly and have their life dictated by someone else. We all just want to be free. But in order to be free, we have to stop perceiving others to be something they are not. You cannot fully know a person but just plainly glancing at them for a few seconds. In order to have an opinion about someone you actually have to go and talk to them. Unbelievable, right?!? It's unheard of! Who would have thought that getting to know someone could completely change your opinion about them? And even if you think you know someone over the internet, you don't. Your personality changes over the internet. You have to have actual human interaction, or at least Skype and Facetime the other person that way the interaction is more genuine. To move along to the issue of obesity: if you think you are playing on your mobile device all day long and sitting on you wide bum all day in and all day out whilst eating just food; then yeah you are bound to become fat. It is a fact of life. It is understandable that some people have faster metabolisms than others, but that doesn't mean that the thinner person is healthier. And if you starve yourself to be skinny, that is counter productive because no matter how much you work out, your metabolism slows down and you naturally gain more weight than you normally would when you eat. Maybe if you eat a lot you could eat less, but starving yourself is completely unorthodox. There is also the problem of people not wanting to interact in person anymore. You may have said something really awful to someone else and felt good about it at the time, but then later realized that it could destroy them, so you decide that you would rather hide behind your computer monitor than face the problem at hand. You may have been on the receiving end of that message and don't want to continue living because of it. The most I can say for that is to apologize, forgive, and move on by treating others the way you want to be treated. You might be nicer to that person you were awful to; or you might not trust that person ever again. But the best and most mature thing to do would be to move on from the past and be civil.

  • Solving the problems that the economy has is not something I could ever hope to see happen in my lifetime. The economy involves the government, and like the governments that are loosely based off of our own in dystopian novels, it is corrupt. In order to cleanse the government and have a better economy I would offer up a solution similar to the one in the Selection. We should eliminate the classes. We should all be who we want to be and do what we want to do for a living. We already do this, but not everyone can make a living out of their desired profession. So, I propose that we take care of those who take care of us. Instead of paying someone by their rank or position in their profession, we should simply allow them to live off of the things they need. Everyone should have to contribute to our development as a whole. and if you contribute, you and your family would be taken care of too. Of course no government can be perfect, but if we all were treated equally and treated everyone else equally; then we would all be better off.

  • A small fact of life: all cultures clash. No two people are exactly the same and no two people think exactly the same. We all have different thoughts and ideas. It's something that we have all said that we accept. But time and time again we prove ourselves wrong. Judging is just another thing we do as humans. We, humans as a whole, judge other people's lifestyles or ways of life or culture the hardest of all. So... In truth... Have we really accepted our differences..? How do we accept them? Is there even a solution to this problem? Their is no simple solution to this problem. In order to prevent cultures from clashing they have to just accept their differences and move on. They cannot truly believe that they are better than anyone else because then that would mean they are superior and that would go against the meaning of equality and how all men are created equal. As you can tell, I am heavily influenced by my American culture, so I might e biased. But I believe whole heartedly (this is the correct spelling because a hart is an adult male deer) that we should treat others the way that we want to be treated. That is all we can really do. And I know it sounds elementary, but if we want things to change then we have to respect others, be responsible, and be courteous. And all that is left to do is hope that the same actions are replicated towards you.

Map of Sweden

This is a general map of Sweden that Shows some of the country's main cities and towns

Procedure Used to Make the Product

This pillow that was made in Sweden went through the production process. It was made in a factory in Sweden and was shipped to the IKEA store in Massachusetts. This pillow was heavily affected by globalization. It is made out of 100% cotton which can come from all over the place. It can come from places such as: the U.S. and Central and South America (basically all over America) and other places with warm climates. This pillow was then brought to many different places, to then be sailed or flown over the ocean to get to the store. Then, the pillow was bought by my family at said store in Mass, to be brought back to our home in Derry, New Hampshire. That means the cotton had to be handpicked on a cotton farm in a place with a warm climate, to be shipped across the ocean and brought together and mixed and made into a pillow at a factory in Sweden, which then ships the pillow out to several other places, before sailing or flying said pillow across the ocean to another place, which then leads the pillow to the IKEA store in Mass, into the hands of my parents, and on my bed in Derry, New Hampshire for it's temporary resting place. After I am done with this pillow, it'll be washed, dried, and put in a tag sale, which then could bring the pillow anywhere. Heck, for all I know it could end up back in Europe or Asia.


  • Common patterns in my relationship with Globalization would include how most of my stuff is produced halfway across the world in underdeveloped or developing countries because it is less expensive to be produced across the world than it is for the item to be made in your backyard, and how everyday we use various things that were made somewhere else in the world, and how we rely on these products that were not made in your home by you, and how some of the products we use are completely necessary for our survival and aren't dug out of your backyard with your own two hands. The point is, We rely on a variety of things that we would not be able to attain if if Globalization did not exist.
  • My relationship with Globalization is very strong. I use more products than I can count on a daily basis, and I can guarantee that most of them were not made in Derry, New Hampshire. I like to think that even if products were made a few states away, or even a few towns away; it still counts as globalization. I mean think about it: it may not have come from halfway across the globe, but it was still created in a different area with a different way of life or culture to put it simply. I use a blanket at night that was made in China. I have Crayola products that were made only Clark Gable knows where. Some of my clothing is made in places like Indonesia, Thailand, Haiti, and yes, China. And technology that influences life itself is built all around us. I am pretty sure that architecture counts as technology too, and that would include your home, your next door neighbor's house, the skyscrapers in New York City, the farms in the Mid West, and any other structure or object made. And if it isn't... Well, it was made with technology.
  • There is also the downside of Globalization. that I have had to face... When I was in the fourth grade I did in fact catch the swine flu. The unfortunate thing is: I caught it from my neighbors who had just visited Mexico, but the virus remained dormant until my second day of school In Derry. It was the Wednesday after the 27th of October. I went to school that morning feeling perfectly fine. Excited even. I didn't have many friends back at my old school, but being the new kid I was like a new toy, and everyone wanted a chance to play with me. I was ecstatic to have all of the new found attention. But it was short lived seeing as I only made it half way through lunch that day. And... Then someone noticed that I wasn't looking to swell, and I couldn't eat, and I was nearly face planting into the table. I got brought across the hall to the nurses' office. I was then sent home shortly after. And... I spent the rest of my first week in Derry stuck in a constant dream state and being extremely delusional. I vaguely remember drinking lots of orange juice and waking up screaming several times. One of my dreams was that I had gotten up to go to the bathroom... But I got lost going down the hallway... And then I spent my first friday (as a citizen in New Hampshire) in the hospital. That Friday just so happened to be the day of or before Halloween. I spent the week after that in school. And then my Aunt and Uncle committed suicide, and I spent the week after that at home. I guess I was mourned. As you might have guessed, my little fourth grader brain did not understand the situation completely and blamed it on the fact that I was unwanted in the town of Derry, New Hampshire. But it was really just me being effected negatively by Globalization and both of the events were completely unrelated. It just so happened that my brother's friend brought back an unwanted tag along, and shared it with the rest of us.

Globalization Saved my Life

Globalization has definitely more than made up for giving 10 year old me the Swine Flu. When communication and technology were improved, my life was improved. My best friend lives in Massachusetts. A whopping 3 hours away. When I left my old home city that I was nearly friendless in, and moved to my home town of almost five years (five years on October 27th), I left behind my best friend. Now, at the time we weren't the best of friends because our personalities completely clashed. We both have very strong personalities. But nowadays it's almost like we are the same person. I think the reason that we have become so close is because the distance brought us closer together. When we were kids we only tolerated each other because we had to, but she was still my best friend. We just fought a lot... The point is, without the improved technology and communication Globalization has graced us with, I wouldn't be able to talk to my best friend on a daily basis, and I would be lost. Because of school starting back up, we only really get to talk on the weekend, but at least I still have something to look forward to. We give each other hope and inspiration and all in all make each other better people. I have helped her out of dark times and she may not realize it, but she has helped me through so many more. Even if she might not be able to solve my problems, she is the one constant form of support in my life. She brings me up when others put me down. And she gives me hope for a good future. Honestly, without her, I don't think I would be here today. Or... at least not in this condition. Unfortunately for our friendship since practically birth, our thickheaded parents got in a stupid fight, and aren't friends anymore. It's rather ironic, I think, that the people that forced us together as children, are trying to force us apart as teens and/or young adults. We both have lots of family drama, and mine is currently at a high, and I am at the center of it all. But it is definitely not an 'eye of the hurricane' situation. My parents are constantly nagging me about my lack of will power these days. They keep bugging me about the future and what I plan to do. I have all these plans for next year and the year after and the year after, but my parents don't care about those. They don't care about the nostalgia that is imagining the the future. They want me to do things now, like; start running again (but the treadmill isn't set up, I don't have a gym membership, and even though I am one of the older freshman, I am not allowed to run around town or even walk to the town), be an active member of the family (which basically means that I should go do the dishes and, and clean the toilet, and clean the glider cage, and clean my room, but i'd rather 'watch' my younger sister while reading, listening to music, and/or talk to my best friend because I don't have the will power to do anything else), get involved in activities (which I have tried to do several times, but my parents told me wouldn't let me), etc., etc. I know I must sound very whiny because no one in their right mind would truly want to do any of these things, but I don't think being called your mother's 'greatest disappointment' can be considered encouraging. Especially not if you barely have the will power to get up in the morning, let alone be an active participant of the Globalized world. But, my best friend helps me get through it all simply by just being there. If I din't have my best friend I honestly don't know where I would be today. My best friend has said the same thing to me on several occasions, so I am glad I can help her too.