I Can Give Commands & Ask Questions

Textbook p. 18-23, 35

Learning Goals

  • To use classroom expressions
  • To demonstrate understanding of classroom commands
  • To ask the teacher questions

Examples: How would your teacher say to listen and repeat after her? How would you ask what Allez au tableau means?



To take the assessment on each skill, complete the point requirement for that skill.

Choose activities that are going to allow you to practice on areas where you need help. Don't just do what is easy for you! Write out activities completely and write down any questions you have.

To communicate in the classroom (10 points)
  • provide evidence of studying the expressions on p. 20 to learn how to give classroom commands and to ask the teacher something (5 points)
  • Do Activity 31, p. 20, match, write out the sentences, and translate (5 points)
  • Do Activity 32, p. 21, match, write out the sentences, and translate (5 points)
  • Do Activity 33, p. 21, according to the instructions (5 points)
  • With a partner, create a movie demonstrating the use of classroom commands (5 points)

You must demonstrate proficiency

If understanding of at least a level 3 is not demonstrated on an assessment for any concept or skill, then Mrs. Smith may require more tasks to be completed in order to improve understanding and then retest.

Demonstration of learning

Classroom Communication
Quiz B - Match each command/sentence below with the correct image.
Quiz E - Unscramble the following sentences you might hear in a classroom.
Quiz G - Using each verb form below, write a logical classroom command your teacher would likely use.


You may unlock these quizzes with a at least a 3 on the required quizzes for the respective skill.

Classroom Communication
Quiz B - Match each sentence below with the correct image. (sentences are more complex than the level 3 quiz)
Quiz E - Using the words listed below as cues, write down five sentences you might hear your teacher say in class.
Quiz G - Using the French equivalents of these English verbs, write down 5 classroom commands your teacher would be likely to use.
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About this background picture: Le Centre Pompidou is a famous modern art museum in Paris.