Exploring Europe

Spain, Italy & Greece

Welcome to a tour around Europe! We will be stopping in Spain first, then we will head on over to Italy, and end the trip in Greece. These three locations have some similar attributes, but as we learn more about them we will see each of their individual qualities. So what's holding us back? Grab your backpack and let's go!

First Stop, Spain!

Spain is truly a beautiful country. Located in Southwestern Europe, the temperate climate and rolling hills are sure to take your breath away. Lets take a look around, shall we?


You've got to love Spain for their vibrant way of life, buzzing with a population of 47.27 million people. Although they have 25.05% arable land, they still manage to harvest citrus fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, olive oil. This is what keeps the economy going, as well as various services and tourism. They speak in Spanish, and the main religion is Roman Catholic. You may have heard off the famous clothing store, Zaro. That company actually originated from here! As far as music goes, it is very diverse here in Spain, some people would describe it as a classical style with a western flair. Did you hear it down at the markets we were at earlier today? Spain is also known for its literature, the epic poem "Cantar de Mio Cid" actually originated from here, although the author is unknown.

Government, Economy & Politics

Spain is a Parliamentary Monarchy, and is led under the presidentship of Mariano Rajoy Brey. It is a limited government and is a member of the European Union. It has a GDP of $1.349 trillion USD and a GDP per capita is $29,195.38 USD. They wouldn't measure that in US dollars though, because their currency is the Euro. If you wanted to convert US dollars to Euros it would be 1.36 to 1. A concern currently is the pollution in the Mediterranean sea as people have been discarding raw sewage, oil and gas into the water.

Did you know?

Alright that's enough with Spain, let's head to our next country. Do you remember what it is?

Next stop, Italy!

Welcome to the country of Italy! I'm very excited to look around and see how it compares with Spain, so without further ado... let's explore!

Italy is....

A constitutional Republic

Led under Giorgio Napolitano, the president

A limited government

Mostly stimulated by tourism, consumerism, and agriculture

A European Union member

A region of the world where people speak Italian

Responsible for the production of sugar beets, wheat, olives, wine grapes, and tomatoes

Where Ferrari, Gucci, and Prada all started

23.39% Arable Land

Where instrumental and classic music is popular

Exchanged in Euros

Home to 60.93 million people

Mostly Catholic

"The boot of Europe"

Mediterranean in climate

Home to the famous poet Michelangelo, who wrote "Celestial Love."

Mainly rugged and mountainous with some plains and coastal lowlands


Fun Facts

Government & History

A current government concern, like I mentioned before, is the pollution in the air in popular cities like Rome. The dirty air is causing a grey stain on many of the historical monuments around the city, taking the ancient importance away from them.

In 2003, when Italy entered the Iraq war, people showed their disapproval by raising peace flags. This was a major historical political event.

Michelangelo was a person who changed history in Italy by painting the ceiling in an ancient relic called the "Sistine Chapel"

GDP = $2.013 trillion USD

GDP per capita = $33048.75

Exchange Rate - 1.36 USD = 1 Euro

and off we go to our last stop!

Last Stop, Greece!

and we've arrived to Greece, the southernmost country in Europe known for its stunning stretch of mountainous followed by dry plains. It's our final destination and I know that it is very bittersweet, and with that let's get to it!

Government, Politics, History, Economics

Government - Presidential Parliamentary Democracy

President- Mr. Karolos Papoulias

Limited Government

European Union Member...? YES!

Current government event - Greece has gotten itself in a substantial amount of debt, and has borrowed too much money from other countries.

Historical Political Event - Great war with the Persian Empire at the beginning of 5th century B.C.

Historical Monument - Parthenon

Person who changed history - Alexander The Great by invading the Persian Empire

GDP - 249.1 Billion USD

GDP Per Capita - $22,082.89 UDS

Currency - Euro

Exchange Rate- 1 Euro = 1.36 USD

Economic Activities - Agriculture, Manufacturing

Did you know?

The population of Greece is 11,306,183

It has 19.78% arable land

Its main agricultural products are corn, wheat, cotton, tobacco and sugar beets

The official language is Greek

The main religion is Greco-Roman

Music is very diverse, from opera, to folk, to electronic

The famous author Homer is from here, who published the books "The Odyssey" and "Lliad"

It has a mediteranean climate

and that is the end of our voyage around Europe, I hope you enjoyed the places we stopped at and appreciated the unique qualities each of them presents. Arrivederci! Anito! Adios! Goodbye!