The Backbone of Panama

Manuel Noriega


Manuel Noriega had ties to the U.S. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel and chief of military intelligence in 1983. He was born in 1934 in panama city. At the age of 5 he was given up for adoption. He wanted to become a doctor, but due to being poor he graduated from CHORRIOS military academy in Peru in 1962 with a degree in enginering.

Military Career

He and Torrijos took over the government from president Arias and put Torrijos in charge of the capital. In 1971 Manuel became involved in U.S activities. He received a ton of counterintelligence training at Fort Gulick in 1967. He also had a course of psychological operations at Fort Bragg. He was commissioned into the panama national guard in 1967, and was promoted to lieutenant in 1968. He was eventually the most feared man in the whole country. In 1983 he took control of the military and was the dominant power in panama. He didn't want to give the government back to civilian control. He was a double agent working and collecting money from the U.S and working with communist governments.
The Secret History of America's Disastrous Relationship with Manuel Noriega: CIA Money (1990)

Video description

The U.S started a relationship with Noriega in 1960. The U.S didn't know what they were geting into when they did this. The U.S din't know what they wanted long term from Noriega. They mostly wanted information about the instructors at the military camps in panama. Noriega knew what he wanted, he wanted to be big and powerful. In a way he wanted to be america's man, he wanted to be on there side. The U.S didn't know that Noriega was using them for their military skills to take back panama so he can become leader. The U.s eventually created its own problem that led to war and destruction.

Essential Question

What side is Manuel Noriega on and what were his goals.

Journal Entry

My plan has worked out perfectly so far, the U.S doesn't know that I am taking their secret military intel to Cuba and revealing weapons. Taking over my country was easy all I had to do was overthrow Alias and it was mine. I love having all of this power I feel untouchable. Being a double agent is fun to I get tons of money from the U.S and get to work with communist governments. Once again the U.S doesn't know I am betraying them.