What is depression

Depression can be described as feeling unhappy, sad, blue, or miserable


Some of the symptoms of depression are when you feel sad or lazy and you are mad when you have to do things.

Getting help

If you don't go to a doctor you might think about suicide and hurting someone when you are mad. Also if you do get help it might save your life. You could talk to someone that you trust, you could go to a doctor and get medication, or you could try to work out your problems.

Helping a friend

If you have a friend that has depression you should try to get that person help. Stay with that person for a while and see if he/she gets any better. If not call that persons parents and take him/her to the doctor and talk about the issues that person have been going through. Wait until that person feels comfortable around you or someone else because they might be mad at you from taking that person to the doctor.